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Dr. Pehrson’s career in medicine began in 1977 as he entered and completed the U.S. Army Special Forces Qualification Course as a Special Forces Medic. He was commissioned as a 1st Lieutenant upon entering medical school and promoted to Captain upon graduation from medical school and internship. Much of Dr. Pehrson’s early medical career focused on emergency medicine and EMS medicine. He actively participated in EMS as both a medical control physician and as a participant at the State level serving on various State EMS sub-committees and committees, including the Governor appointed State of Utah EMS Committee, on which he served for six years. He received the Utah Association of EMTs Physician of the year award and the State of Utah Bureau of EMS Physician of the Year Award. Presently Dr. Pehrson is “semi-retired” but remains very interested and dedicated in passing along to others what his diverse 30-year career in medicine has taught him. He continues to work on a part-time basis as a hospitalist and clinic physician administrator. Dr. Pehrson lives in Eastern Utah with his wife of 38 years.