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Mailbag Monday

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My wife is petite and entirely unable to even try and defend herself. We went to several martial arts/boxing studios but rather than throw a punch she would freeze. I would like to get her a stun gun but I am not an expert. What should I get?

-From Ron G.

Answer: I would check out the Taser Pulse for her.

It’s a less-lethal defense tool that immobilizes attackers for 30 seconds if proper contact is made.

The Pulse carries the same knockdown power used by law enforcement, but was built for civilians.

The device weighs only half a pound, has a 15-foot shooting distance and a battery status indicator.


So here is the question, what are your thoughts about going through the process of obtaining a suppressor? Is this worth the time?

-From George B.

Answer: In order to legally purchase a suppressor, you would need to fill out the government paperwork and go through a detailed application process that can take up to a year.

The application process includes fingerprints and photographs much like if you were applying for a concealed weapons permit.

One of the requirements during the process is to pay a $200 tax and, of course, pass a background check.

If you really want one, I would say it is worth it and the gun store you get it from will help you with all the paperwork even though it is a pain.


What is your opinion of using 5-gallon buckets for food storage for things such as rice and flour? Where can I buy these?

-From Mac R.

Answer: Storing food in buckets is one of the best ways to preserve food. Heavy-duty (food grade) plastic buckets can keep out pests, light, moisture, and oxygen.

You can find these buckets on Amazon and many other retailers. The key is to make sure that you purchase buckets that are food grade plastic.

Lastly, I put all my grain inside a mylar bag first and then I seal the bag and then I put it in the bucket.


Last week Las Vegas experienced record setting rain. My house had 3.5 inches of rain in less than a day. Many people were trapped in their cars as roads flooded. What do you recommend doing if my car is overcome with rushing water?

-From Tony G. 

Answer: If you ever find yourself in a flood you will typically have 30- 60 seconds to escape before the car is overcome with water. Now, once a car is in the water it’s very difficult to open the doors so you immediately want to roll down the windows.

The longer you wait to roll down the windows the harder it will be to do so. If you can’t roll down a window then you need to smash one out, use whatever window is closest to you.

You want to kick in the corner of the window (where it’s stiffest) and not in the middle to break the window. If you are using a hard object or a tactical pen, you still want to strike in one of the corners of the window.

Bottom line, have something in your car to smash out windows and be ready to exit your car fast.


My oldest child just started college. I’m very nervous about her safety, especially with the number of females who are attacked on campuses. Do you have any safety tips I can give her?

-From Larry E.

Answer: There are many tactics to do. I would teach her to attack the eyes and gouge the attacker with her thumbs as hard as possible.

The throat is also very sensitive and you should punch the criminal in the throat if you can.

If you go crazy on them and never give up, you will win and they will go and try to find an easier victim.

I would also recommend she carry a tactical pen or stun gun flashlight.


I have relocated to Arizona for work and I’m not accustomed to the heat even in the fall. I want to add security film to my home windows to block some of the sunlight and to protect against intruders. Is installing window security film a good idea?

-From Beth R.

Answer: There are many different one-way privacy window tint products on the market that will allow you to see outside, without letting other people see inside your house.

The problem is, many of these products will do the opposite at night if the lights inside your home are turned on. What I mean is, the way the tint works is based on where the light is, so when the lights are on inside people may be able to see more.

Some privacy window tints are great at keeping the sunlight out and can also prevent your windows from shattering if a burglar tries to smash them.

Basically, you just need to do your research depending on the tint you buy and make sure it’s not easy to see inside your home.

I would also have the tint professionally installed so that you have some type of warranty in case it ever peels off.

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