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Mailbag Monday

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We all know that Putin is a mad man. What do we do if he uses the nuclear weapons at his disposal? How do we survive nuclear fallout?

-From Vince F.

Answer: The key to surviving a nuclear attack is to limit your exposure, shield yourself, and to wait for the fallout to decay.

Now, the reality is that fallout can be carried hundreds of miles, so even if you aren’t near the direct hit, you are still in danger.

Ideally, you would want to take shelter in a basement below ground. Plus, you should have this basement room stocked with at least 2 weeks worth of supplies.

The goal is to make the room as airtight as possible. In short, the more barriers between you and the outside air the better your chances of survival will be.

Plus, have potassium iodide tablets for your family.


I leave my office late at night and I worry about walking to my car. I carry my keys in my hand with one key sticking out between my knuckles. I figure this will hurt more if I punch someone. Is this a good idea?

-From Sandra T.

Answer: This certainly works and is not a bad idea.

Most women I know who are leaving work late at night are carrying a tactical pen or a stun-gun flashlight, which can do more damage and are better suited to stop an attacker.


I purchased a gasoline generator that can run my entire house. My wife and I love it and it has already been used during a power outage. My question is if you have any advice to reduce the noise of the generator?

-From Lenny T.

Answer: When thinking about buying a generator the amount of noise it puts out should be one of your main concerns. However, if you already have a generator set up and it’s too loud there are a few options.

First, make sure the generator has a quiet muffler installed on it.

Next, consider building a sound dampening enclosure around the generator. Obviously, this can be expensive but it might be one of the most effective ways to reduce the noise.

Make sure your generator is sitting on a rubber type pad, which will reduce vibrations and noise.

Lastly, use common sense when using the generator. If looters are roaming your streets looking for someone with power, it’s probably not a good idea to fire up the generator at that moment.


I live in Hawaii but was not affected by the recent wildfire. If I were in this type of danger do you think it would be a good idea to bug out by boat if it’s an option?

-From Sam M.

Answer: I would say bugging out by boat would be a great idea since the majority of looters or criminals probably wouldn’t have access to a boat.

However, if this is your plan, I would make sure you have plenty of supplies stored on the boat as well as a plan of where you will go.

Clearly, you need to dock somewhere eventually so make sure you have a well-planned path to restock your supplies.

Of course, make sure to check the weather so you don’t head out to sea in a hurricane.


I know you are not a big fan of using pepper spray. But, if you had to buy some, which brand would you recommend?

-From Nikki T.

Answer: I would check out the brand Sabre, this is a quality brand that is commonly carried by law enforcement.

They make all different strengths and sizes of pepper spray and they sell their products to the general public.

The reason I’m not the biggest fan of pepper spray is because it’s the type of tool that can be unpredictable and can actually backfire.

If it’s used outside the wind can easily blow it back towards you, hurting you in the process.


Should I clean my pistol magazines? If so, how do I do it?

-From Tammy N.

Answer: Magazines tend to accumulate a lot of dirt and other debris.

They get dropped in the dirt and the exhaust from the combustion chamber gets funneled right into them during shooting.

Depending on your specific magazine, you take the magazine apart by removing the baseplate, remove the spring and then completely clean and wipe down the inside of the magazine like you would a gun.

Also, check the spring to make sure it doesn’t look like it has any damage.

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