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Mailbag Monday

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I’ve been looking at stun guns but I have found that the wiring of all of them is so thin that they burn up after just a few uses! Are there any better options?

-From Paul R.

Answer: Unfortunately, there are a lot of cheap stun guns that you can find online. A better option would be a taser that shoots probes such as the Taser Pulse.

The Pulse is a less-lethal defense tool that immobilizes attackers for 30 seconds if proper contact is made.

The Pulse carries the same power as Tasers used by law enforcement, but was designed for civilian self-defense.

The device weighs only half a pound, has a 15-foot shooting distance and a battery status indicator. The battery is non-rechargeable.

Taser makes quality products that are used by law enforcement all over the country.

However, if you just want a stun gun, check out the ones made by a company called Vipertek.


My entire home property is fenced in. There are a few gates that I secure with a padlock. But these have been broken before. Are there any durable padlocks you recommend?

-From Henry R.

Answer: If you want one of the more secure locks, I would suggest Abloy combination locks.

They’re more expensive but you get what you pay for. (I always laugh when I see those Master Lock’s at Home Depot that are like 5 for $20. Not good quality.) They can be easily picked.


My biggest worry is a home invasion. How should I react if the bad guys are already in my house before I wake up or realize what is happening?

-From Seth M.

Answer: Once an intruder is in your home you have to act quickly. I personally have a gun for home defense and it’s the number one weapon I recommend for people concerned about home invasions.

If you aren’t a gun person, I would have some way to defend your family such as a knife, baseball bat or golf club.

I have two guns on my nightstand (in rapid-access safes) and if someone has kicked in my door and is already in my house, I am grabbing my gun and going to stop them from getting to my kids.

So, always have some type of weapon close to your bed that you can grab fast.


Are you familiar with the .260 Remington round? Would you recommend using this bullet?

-From Garth M.

Answer: The .260 Remington bullet came out in 1997 and has been a popular round with hunters because of the low recoil and accuracy of the bullet.

The .260 is most effective in 120-grain and 140-grain bullets, delivering muzzle velocities of about 2950 fps and 2750 fps.

The recoil level of the .260 Remington is between 12 and 14 ft. lbs. depending on the specific load.

The thing is the .260 bullet never gained wide popularity, except among hunters. One of the reasons is there was a lot of competition for the .260, such as the Hornady 6.5 Creedmoor round.

Lastly, these days we are seeing fewer guns chambered in .260, so there simply isn’t a huge market for the round.

So, it’s not a bad round, just not popular. I would use the 6.5 Creedmoor personally.


I recently purchased my first new firearm in more than 20 years. I also have a membership to the gun range. My concern is that the range has strict rules including not drawing the firearm from the holster. Any suggestions for training to draw?

-From Rolondo M.

Answer: I would check around with more ranges to try and find one that will allow you to draw from your holster.

Also, it’s always a good idea to dry fire practice drawing your weapon. This should be done with a safe and empty weapon. But, it’s a good way to practice the motions of drawing, which you can do at home – again, with a safe and empty weapon.


What is the best place to buy new handguns online? My entire family is wanting to arm ourselves based on the uptick in crime in our area.

-From Beth S.

Answer: You can buy handguns online at places like Cabela’s, Buds Gun Shop and Cheaper Than Dirt.

However, any website you purchase a firearm from online will need to ship the firearm to a licensed dealer in your area (your local gun store.)

One thing I recommend doing is going to a local gun shop that has a shooting range and renting different types of guns.

This way you can shoot different models and figure out what fits your hand the best and what you feel most comfortable shooting.

I do not recommend purchasing a gun you’ve never shot before, because it could be completely wrong for you.

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