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Mailbag Monday

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Due to illness my wife and I don’t get out of the house much. We like to treat ourselves to dinner now and then and have thought about ordering food through UberEats or DoorDash? Is this something that is safe to do?

-From Lawrence R.

Answer: I don’t do this because I don’t want anyone to have or know my home address because of threats I get from crazy people. So, it depends on your personal threat level. If your threat level is low and because of your wife’s illness, I would go ahead and use one of those apps.


Based on your advice I have been building a stockpile of ammo. Since ammo is so expensive, I’ve been buying as much steel cased ammo as I can find. Is steel cased ammo okay to use?

-From Greg M.

Answer: I would stay away from using any type of steel cased ammo. The thing with steel is that it’s usually harder on the gun.

For example, brass gives a little more than steel. Over time, steel can damage the extractor.

Also, even though steel is cheaper, it can have a poor seal. This can cause the gun parts to wear out prematurely. This shortens the lifetime of the gun, and increases the risk of malfunctions.

So, I would get brass ammo if you can and not buy any more steel cased ammo.


I live in a big city where crime is out of control. A few people in my neighborhood have been followed home from the grocery store and their homes have been burglarized. How do I make sure no one is following me?

-From Leslie T.

Answer: Run a surveillance detection route on the way home. In short, don’t go straight to your home, drive around the block and see if anyone is following you before you pull into your driveway.


Thank you for your recent email about flying and dealing with the TSA. My question is, can the TSA search my locked luggage even if it’s checked at the counter? I know they scan it but can they open it up and go through everything?

-From Mel P.

Answer: TSA is permitted to search any bag that is flagged during the security screening process. The thing is, there are many different screening checkpoints. So, the bag could be checked again even if the counter checked it.

But you can put a lock on your luggage. If the lock is TSA approved it means the TSA agents have a master key for the lock. If the lock is not TSA approved, the agents can break the lock to inspect the bag.

My point is, a lock will not prevent your luggage from being inspected.

If you are traveling with something that is very valuable, I would keep it in your carry on so that it’s with you at all times.

It’s safe to assume that anything in your checked luggage could be gone through at some point in the security screening process.


Jason, I come from generations of folks who are very small in stature. I’m 5 ‘2 and not a big guy. When I conceal carry even a small gun it’s easy to see it on my hip. Any ideas how to conceal carry for smaller people?

-From Ronnie O.

Answer: I would pocket carry, get a Sig Sauer P365 and carry in your front right pocket. You won’t be able to do appendix carry or on the hip, I would definitely give pocket carry a try.


I travel frequently at work and am relatively comfortable navigating airports. Last week, I was using the restroom when a guy next to me asked if I could hold his bag. I told him no and hurried away. What would you have done?

-From Joey T.

Answer: You did the right thing. I would have done the same thing. I would have politely told him ‘no thanks’ and then finished my business and left the bathroom. I have no problem telling people no and it’s hard to guilt me into things.

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