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Is an AR-10 pistol right for your defense plan?

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Susan M. and her husband have owned guns for years, but Susan wasn’t always comfortable with guns because she didn’t go to the shooting range very often.

However, her husband traveled for work and when he would go out of town, he would leave a gun for Susan.

One night, Susan and her husband were at home while their teenage son was at a friend’s house.

About 20 minutes before their son was supposed to be home Susan heard a noise at the front door.

She assumed it was her son and got up to open the door, but before opening it up, she felt something was wrong.

That’s when intruders kicked open the front door.

Susan ran towards the bedroom where her husband was sleeping. She tried to close the door behind her, but the intruders forced it open.

Her husband immediately jumped out of bed and tried to push the intruders back.

Susan called 911, then hung up and grabbed the gun her husband had always told her to use.

She ran out of the bedroom and fired two rounds but didn’t hit anyone.

One of the intruders turned their attention towards her and ran after Susan.

She ran into a bedroom, but the intruder didn’t follow. She believed the intruder was waiting for her just outside the bedroom door.

But the criminal didn’t know that there was another exit from the bedroom.

So, Susan doubled back and approached the criminal who had his back turned towards her. She shot the intruder who fell to the ground.

Next, Susan turned her attention to the intruder who was still fighting with her husband.

The criminal fired at her husband. Susan tried to engage but she was out of ammo, so she ran back to the bedroom.

Eventually, the second intruder came into the bedroom and took the keys to Susan’s vehicle. He left the house while his accomplice collapsed and died in the yard.

It took over ten minutes for the police to arrive.

And while that is not the fault of the police, the fact is, it will take time for help to arrive – and by that time the confrontation could be over.

This is why I believe everyone should have a gun for home defense. When violence erupts, you have to rely on yourself until help arrives.

Now, one of the most popular guns for home defense is the AR-15. But another option, is the similar AR-10 platform.

The AR-10 started as a .308 semi-automatic rifle. It was first used for big-game hunting and tactical situations.

The rifle was not the best for close-quarter situations because of the large caliber and size of the rifle.

However, like many popular rifles, there are always new versions being introduced.

And today, you can get a more mobile, compact version, such as the AR-10 pistol.

What is an AR-10 pistol?:

The AR-10 pistol is a short-barreled, AR-style pistol.

It’s a versatile weapon that can be used for hunting large animals or for home defense.

The pistol has a barrel length of less than 16 inches and does not have a stock or vertical foregrip.

While the pistol doesn’t have a stock, it might have a stabilizing brace.

The AR-10 has never been as popular as the AR-15, even though it came first.

The biggest reason for this is that the .223 round used in the AR-15 is more desirable since it’s not as powerful.

The .308 is a bigger bullet that hits harder and goes further.

As always, whether you are getting an AR-10 pistol or an AR-15 pistol, check federal and state laws.

The ATF is constantly updating the laws related to pistols and the accessories you can use with them, so do your homework.

Benefits of the AR-10 pistol:

The biggest benefit of an AR-10 pistol is that it’s an incredibly powerful bullet in a smaller frame.

Plus, the .308 round is popular and relatively easy to find.

Also, AR-10s are known for being very reliable, especially as gun makers have improved their designs.

Another benefit of the AR-10 pistol is that it is a “do-anything” gun.

You can use it to hunt large animals while at the same time making it your home defense weapon.

Drawbacks to the AR-10 pistol:

AR-10 pistols are typically heavier compared to AR-15 pistols.

In addition, the AR-10 pistol is not the best for close-quarter combat because the rounds are more powerful, so the bullets are more likely to over penetrate.

The AR-10 pistol is also not as popular as the AR-15, which means there are fewer aftermarket accessories.

Plus, the AR-10s can be harder to find since there aren’t as many sold.

AR-10 pistols to consider:

The first AR-10 pistol to consider is the Springfield Saint Victor.

It has a 10.3-inch barrel with a Melonite finish. It also has an M-LOK hand guard and a forward safety hand stop.

Another AR-10 pistol to consider is the CMMG Banshee MK3.

It has a 12.5-inch barrel and is compatible with M-LOK accessories. This pistol comes in different Cerakote options and has ambidextrous controls.

The AR-10 pistol is a versatile weapon and depending on your situation or your purposes, it may fit your needs.

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