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Mailbag Monday

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I’m a first-time gun owner. My husband and I purchased a shotgun for home defense. What ammo do you recommend using? We have slugs for home defense.

-From Martha B.

Answer: A shotgun slug contains a single metal projectile. They are heavy and deliver serious damage.

Shotgun slugs also deliver deep penetration. A standard slug can punch right through a car door without an issue.

Although the size and weight of a shotgun slug make it more powerful, they aren’t usually recommended for home defense. Most intruders are engaged at close range, usually between 3 and 15 feet.

Instead, I would consider using 00 buckshot. This is the ammo I use for my Remington 870 for home defense.


I’m looking for a light to mount to my home defense weapons. There are a lot of options. Do you recommend a certain brand?

-From Matt F.

Answer: I would check out SureFire or Streamlight. You can’t go wrong with either.


I take my dogs on walks a few times a day. Lately, there have been a number of people getting attacked by dogs. Would I be justified in using a gun if I’m attacked?

-From Leslie M.

Answer: I’m not a lawyer, but I’d say yes. Because, if you are in fear for your life or serious bodily injury you can use your gun to protect yourself.


Jason, I have watched all your training videos and I love the information! One question I have is if a robber has a gun pointed at me but is out of my reach, how do I try to disarm them?

-From Jared T.

Answer: If someone has a gun or knife on you, they are typically wanting something in return. For example, maybe they are trying to rob you and take your cell phone or wallet.

In this case they would need to move closer in order to physically take the item. When they move closer to you, that is the moment you should consider making your move.

What I mean is, if you are going to attempt to disarm the criminal, you need to be in close quarters and able to control the weapon.


As I get older my body shape is changing. I have a hard time finding a holster that is not uncomfortable. Do you have any holsters you recommend for those who might not be as slim as they used to be?

-From Gene R.

Answer: When I carry my Springfield 1911, Glock 19 or Sig Sauer P226, I carry outside the waistband at the 3 o’clock position and I use a cover garment.

I use a kydex holster for these guns.

There are a million companies who make Kydex holsters, so just do an internet search for the type of gun you have, plus the words “Kydex holster.”

If I am carrying my Sig P365 in my front pocket, I also use a Kydex holster.


In the past you have recommended getting a satellite phone. My concern is how would a SAT phone benefit me if the people I need to call don’t have a SAT phone?

-From Rich L.

Answer: If you’ve purchased a satellite phone for emergencies you should talk to your family or friends. Ask them if they have a sat phone or if they have ever considered buying one.

If the cell towers went down you should still be able to talk to others who have a sat phone. Also, if you have a sat phone you should still be able to call 911.

Another thing is that cell phone coverage is very spotty. What I mean is, one of your family members two miles might not have cell service. Yet, someone 20 miles away could.

A sat phone is a worthwhile addition to your survival gear. There is no guarantee it will work. But it might be your best option in a survival situation.

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