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Mailbag Monday

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I follow you on YouTube. I think my wife put a tracking bug in my vehicle. Can you recommend a GPS detector?

-From Jack P.

Answer: The simplest way to detect a tracking device is by using an electronic sweeper that detects the cellular signal from the GPS. Now, these devices can be very expensive so if that’s not something you want to purchase, I would recommend contacting a local private investigator.

You could ask them how much it would cost for them to sweep your car for a GPS tracker. If you aren’t too concerned and don’t want to pay someone you can check the most frequent areas of your vehicle for trackers.

You would need to check wheel wells, bumpers and the undercarriage of your car. In addition, you would want to check glove boxes, under all the seats, and basically anywhere on the interior that someone might hide a tracker.

Don’t forget to pop the hood and check the engine area too.


I believe I have been contacted by a Chinese spy (or spies.) Do you recommend I report it? If so, who should I contact? FBI?

-From Paul M.

Answer: If you believe you have been contacted by a foreign spy you should immediately report it to your local FBI office.

In addition, if you are worried about your safety, you should contact your local police department to make a report.

Foreign spies like to use social media and other online platforms to contact people who might have valuable information.

If you work in a field that would be of interest to a foreign government, you should always use caution when talking to someone online.


My spouse and I are new gun owners. We have taken firearm training courses. One thing we are both worried about is using our guns in self-defense and the damage it will cause to our hearing. Do you have any advice to protect ears during a real-life incident?

-From Frank T.

Answer: This is a great question. During a self-defense situation you won’t have time to find your ear protection and put it on. Frankly, even taking time to put them on your ears could cost you seconds in a life-or-death situation.

I can live with hearing loss. I would give my hearing if it meant my family was safe and not killed.

Plus, one time won’t really hurt your hearing much and you will have auditory exclusion due to the stress in a real situation. In other words, you might not even hear the rounds go off.


One thing I have done is put guns around my home in tactical positions in case I need to grab a gun to confront an intruder. How do I keep these guns safe from thieves since they are spread around my house?

-From Zach W.

Answer: In places that I have an end table or nightstand I use a small safe with a cable that goes down the back of the nightstand and is secured to a large piece of furniture.

In other words, even if a criminal goes straight to the nightstand, they can’t take the safe with them because the cable is secured from the safe to the furniture and it can’t be cut.

Another option is to install a wall safe that can be hidden behind a picture or something else you hang around your house.

Either way, make sure your firearms are stored in some type of rapid-access safe.


Do you have any suggestions for hiding a spare key outside my house? I have teenage kids that lock themselves out all the time.

-From Joanna R.

Answer: The days of hiding a spare key under the front door mat are long gone and criminals know to look under planters and other obvious places.

With that being said, I would find a creative place to hide your key where nobody will ever look.

I am sure there is some crevice or spot in your front or backyard where nobody will ever look.

I know of one fellow who simply tapes a spare key underneath his car. He uses Gorilla tape so it stays on well.


I live in the big city (not by choice.) This summer I’m worried about power outages during hot days. Any ideas on how to survive a hot summer with no A/C?

-From Trish Y.

Answer: Obviously, having a generator would be ideal to use fans to keep air flowing and even to use a small A/C unit.

In addition, you want to make sure and block the sunlight from coming into your home with blankets or black trash bags.

Also, a wet towel is a great way to cool down and you can even use a wet towel and fan to create a little cooler airflow.

Lastly, stay in your basement where it’s a lot cooler than upstairs in the bedroom.

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