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Mailbag Monday

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Do you recommend a taser? If so, I would love to know what you consider small but really powerful.

-From Terry R.

Answer: If you want a taser that shoots probes I would check out the Taser Pulse. The Pulse is a less-lethal defense tool that immobilizes attackers for 30 seconds if proper contact is made.

The Pulse carries the same knockdown power used by law enforcement, but was built for civilian self-defense.

The device weighs only half a pound, has a 15-foot shooting distance and a battery status indicator. The battery is non-rechargeable.

Taser makes quality products that are used by law enforcement all over the country. The Pulse sells for about $400 on Amazon.

However, personally, I’d rather have a gun since if you’re using a taser you’re facing a serious threat and a gun does a better job of stopping a threat.


Do you have a recommended method for water storage?

-From Henry T.

Answer: Long-term water storage can be tricky because eventually you will run out of storage space.

One product you may wish to check out is called WaterBricks.

These are stackable water containers that hold 3.5 gallons of water. They are sturdy and can be stacked pretty high to save space.

Another option for storing a large amount of water is 55-gallon drums.

You can’t go wrong with these. They are sturdy and seal tight. This protects them from outside contamination.

If you fill them with tap water there is no need to treat the water since your municipality should have.

If you choose to have barrels, keep them in a temperature-controlled space. You don’t want them to sit out in a shed where it gets hot in the summer.

No matter how much water you store there will be a time when you need more. This is why rain barrels are a good option if you live anywhere that it rains.


What mask respirator do you recommend? Also, what type of clothing is best during a nuclear attack?

-From Mitch M.

Answer: Consider trying to find and buy US Military Issue MOPP 4 gear. Full-body Tyvek suits with booties and hoods. And masks from the Israeli’s, you can buy these all online.

As for clothing, regular clothing will not stop any type of fallout from reaching your skin.

Ideally, you want to wear wet weather gear that will keep the moisture out.


Lately, I’ve been traveling a lot for work. When I leave my hotel room I try to hide my valuables. Should I use the hotel safe instead of just hiding things?

-From Heather R.

Answer: Hotel room safes are not safe at all. Don’t use them.

First, think about how many people probably put their belongings in the safe and forget the combination?

Many hotel employees know the combination to the safes since people are locking themselves out all the time.

In addition, hotel room safes in general can usually be opened with a pocketknife.

Frankly, the only way to ensure your belongings are 100% safe and that no one goes through them is to take them with you when you leave your room.


What are your thoughts on using a headlamp flashlight when bugging out? Are these a good choice?

-From Hunter W.

Answer: The flashlight headlamp is one of my favorite pieces of survival gear since it’s so critical in an emergency.

The fact is, whether you are setting up a tent in the dark or are bugging out and need to carry a firearm, having your hands free will make a huge difference.

I recommend having multiple headlamps in your survival gear for each family member so you can still move or do whatever is needed even in the dark.


Someone keeps opening the gate that goes into my backyard. Are there any combination locks that you recommend? Are these types of locks easy to pick?

-From Ryan R.

Answer: Unfortunately, many combination locks are susceptible to being picked using something as simple as a hair barrette.

With that being said, if you want one of the more secure locks, I would suggest Abloy combination locks.

They’re more expensive but you get what you pay for. (I always laugh when I see those Master Lock’s at Home Depot that are like 5 for $20. Not good quality.) They can be easily picked.

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