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Mailbag Monday

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I was looking to see if you had an opinion on bullet proof vests. Do you deal with those and what suggestions do you have on this topic?

-From Bill E.

Answer: A lot of folks ask if they should buy body armor for home defense. The problem with this idea is that during a home defense situation you likely don’t want to waste time grabbing body armor.

My point is, if someone breaks into your home or you hear a sound in the middle of the night, you want to confront the threat as soon as possible. Body armor will take time.

As for wearing body armor every day, it’s incredibly uncomfortable. Talk to any police officer and they will tell you that it’s hot, sweaty, and burdensome when trying to move around.

What I like body armor for is emergencies and vehicle kits. I’ve got plenty of friends that have body armor hanging on their seat of the car, just in case, and I’ve got body armor at home for emergencies.


During the recent shooting in Louisville, KY many of the bank employees were trapped in conference rooms. In a circumstance like this do you recommend people staying put and not trying to run for an exit? Should they sit and wait for the police?

-From Rachel M.

Answer: This is a complicated decision that needs to be made on the scene.

While staying out of the way of the trampling masses is always a good idea, it’s impossible to know if there will be any secondary attackers.

Escaping the place where the shooter is located is always going to be the first option for most people. If you can get out, you should go.

If you are stuck in a room, you need to wait near the door and be ready to attack the shooter the moment they come into the room.


Jason, I have been a longtime fan and I watch all your awesome training videos. One thing I have noticed is that you don’t have lasers on your firearms. Why don’t you use a laser for accuracy?

-From Vic M.

Answer: My issue is that I own too many guns. (A good problem to have.) I do have lasers on my home defense guns, but not on my concealed carry guns. Just personal preference of how I like to do things and I also spend a good amount of time training.


I have really enjoyed all the video training. I am curious, though. What type/brand of AR Pistol do you recommend?

-From Seth Y.

Answer: There are lots of good companies. Check out Springfield Armory and Daniel Defense.


I suffer from medical conditions that require me to take medication to sleep. My worry is that I’m a heavy sleeper so I won’t hear an intruder in the night. Any ideas how to give myself extra warning of an intruder so I have time to get out of bed?

-From Frank V.

Answer: First, I always recommend having an alarm system including sensors on the doors, and windows, as well as motion sensors. Hopefully, an alarm system would alert you if someone was inside your home, so install one loud enough to wake you up.

In other words, put the base station of the alarm system in your bedroom and even on the nightstand.


I inherited a German Luger pistol. I think it was manufactured around 1940 but I’m not sure. Would it be safe to shoot this gun? I’m not even sure what ammo to use.

-From Ethan M.

Answer: The German Luger is a reliable well-built pistol. They were machined from a block of steel.

Like many early pistols it was a mechanical innovation, carved from blocks of forged steel with exacting tolerances.

The tight tolerances were the undoing of many designs as they could not handle dirt, mud, and other debris found on the battlefield.

Before shooting this gun I would take it to a gunsmith and have it given a look over to see if there is any reason you can’t shoot it. As long as it’s been properly stored and cared for it should operate as intended.

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