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Mailbag Monday

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What is Krav Maga? Do you recommend it for self-defense?

-From Janie K.

Answer: Krav Maga is a self-defense system developed for the Israel Defense Forces. It combines techniques from different martial arts such as aikido and judo.

Of all the different options out there, this is a solid choice and a good idea for self-defense.


How can I stop scam phone calls? These days I get around 15 calls each day. It’s very frustrating.

-From Greg H.

Answer: The first thing to do is to join the National Do Not Call Registry. This will prevent sales calls from legitimate companies.

To stop robocalls there are a number of apps you can download to your phone that do a good job of blocking robocalls. One app to consider is called RoboKiller.

You can also contact your cell provider and ask if they offer any services that can block robocalls.

The best way to prevent spam calls is to not answer calls from numbers you don’t know. If you do answer you should immediately hang up and never answer the caller’s questions.


With crime out of control I have finally decided to get a home security system. What are some things I should look for in a good home security system?

-From Trent M.

Answer: The first thing to do is to decide whether you want to install a “Do It Yourself” system or have a professional company come to your home and install it for you.

Before deciding this, I would check with your local police department and ask them if they respond to residential alarms.

In many large cities, police don’t respond to residential alarms and the company providing your security system usually has a security guard respond to the alarm, so you would want a reputable company.

Now, as far as what you want in an alarm system, make sure you get sensors on every door and every window of your house… get motion sensors for the inside of the house and get glass-break sensors for your windows.

Don’t forget to get security cameras for the outside of your home and motion sensor lights around your home.


My family is relocating to Florida. We won’t be living on the beach but will be within a few miles. During a disaster is there any way to make ocean water usable? I know that water filters can’t remove salt.

-From Julie R.

Answer: You are right, the majority of water filters won’t be able to remove salt from water and oftentimes, the salt would end up clogging the filter.

Unfortunately, during a survival situation, one of the only ways to desalinate water would be through distillation. There are survival distillation systems you can buy and they operate using a heat source such as a stove.

The problem with these is that the process is very slow and probably wouldn’t provide enough water for a family. For example, one survival distillation system produces about 1 quart of drinkable water each hour.

So, for a family of 4, you would need to distill water for about 16 hours each day to provide each family member with 1 gallon per a day. In other words, it wouldn’t be an easy process.

My best advice would be to have lots of water stored at home. And then find the closest lake or river and have that be your source of emergency water.


After working at home the past few years I’m getting ready to go back to work in an office setting. My employer has informed us of new policies including that firearms are no longer allowed in the building. Can they do this?

-From Trent H.

Answer: In the context of gun laws, most states allow business owners to enforce their own policy regarding the carrying of guns on business premises.

So, a business such as Wal-Mart is considered private property, therefore they have the right to ban people from carrying guns on their property.

Basically, it’s just like if your friend came to your house with a gun on his hip and you didn’t want him to bring it in, you have the right to tell him to leave since it’s your property.

Of course, if you’re carrying concealed, nobody should ever know you have a gun and they will never find out. Obviously, it’s your call what you want to do.


Because of the ongoing ammo shortage, I have decided to start reloading ammo. Have you ever reloaded ammo? Do you have any advice?

-From Ryan L.

Answer: Honestly, I don’t reload my own ammo. I just don’t have the time or patience. Plus, I basically have a lifetime supply of ammo since I’ve been buying ammo steadily for years.

I do know people who reload ammo and are very good at it. On the other hand, I have a family member who spent countless hours reloading thousands of rounds, only to find out the powder was a little off and the ammo was unusable.

So, if you’re going to reload ammo, you need to know exactly what you’re doing.

There are many factors to deal with when you’re talking about bullet size and weight, types of powder and grains to load, the cartridge and number of times it’s been reloaded, primers, etc.

You can’t just watch a five-minute YouTube video about and think your ammo reloads will be top-notch. Reloading is a skill that takes time and study to get right.

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