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Mailbag Monday

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I have two generators for an emergency. I have one gasoline and one propane. How much gasoline and propane should I store at my house?

-From Erik V.

Answer: I recommend having 30 days’ worth of propane and gas to run your generators.

Yet, I wouldn’t plan on running your entire house for 30 days but just your basic necessities to reduce the amount of fuel you need to store.

You can store both gas and propane in a shed in your backyard, just make sure you add the fuel stabilizer to the gas and only use premium gas.


My husband and I are newlyweds. We moved into our first apartment. What security devices can we install that work in an apartment?

-From Katy R.

Answer: When renting, you are limited in the security measures you can install since you don’t own the place. With that in mind, I would consider a home security system that doesn’t require a contract and one that doesn’t require a lot of hardware installation.

For example, I would look into SimpliSafe, which you can remove if you end up moving out of the apartment.

If you don’t want a security system, I would try a door stopper alarm, which creates a very loud alarm if someone opens your door.

In addition, you should install a quality deadbolt lock such as Medeco or Schlage if your landlord will allow it.


My family owns land in a remote part of Tennessee. We have set it up with trailers for a bug out location. How can we keep the area secure when we are away? There is no power or internet for a security system.

-From Barry P.

Answer: I recommend installing a simple security system with motion detection or even a trail camera that is motion activated. There are battery powered options that record to a memory card.

Definitely have several (solar) motion activated lights around the property.

If you have someone local you trust, I would have them check on the property at least once a month. This is what I do with some of my bug out locations.


I work at a ski resort as part of a search and rescue ski patrol. I’m a dog handler and have two S&R dogs. How do you recommend bugging out with dogs? I can’t leave them behind.

-From Russ R.

Answer: I recommend preparing a bug out bag for your pet just like you should for your family. This should include food, water, medicine, etc.

Remember that most animals will need less water than humans since they don’t need it for cooking their food.

When it comes to pets, the best thing you can do is to evacuate early if possible. What I mean is, if you know a hurricane is approaching, your pets should be another factor to consider when deciding when you should leave.


I have recently started collecting knives. I would like to find a neck knife that I can wear around my neck for an emergency. What brand of neck knife would you recommend?

-From Greg F.

Answer: I wear a custom neck knife that I had made for me.

I like a small knife that fits in a kydex sheath and that I can quickly deploy, which is what my knife does.


I moved into a new house last week and had a security system installed. I put up my security sign. Should I put up a “Beware Of Dog” sign or a “Trespassers Will Be Shot” sign?

-From Nate M.

Answer: I would just put up a beware of dog sign and a no trespassing sign. (I would not put up the trespassers will be shot sign.) If you put up the two signs I mentioned, you should be good to go.

Don’t forget to make sure you’ve got cameras and motion activated lights.

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