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Mailbag Monday

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I want to build an AR-15. I have instructions on how to do it. But, I need an idea on where to buy the 80% lower? Any suggestions?

-From Kelly F.

Answer: Check out places like Polymer 80, Palmetto State Armory, and Midway USA.


What are your thoughts on space blankets? Should I add them to my bug out bags?

-From Frank R.

Answer: Space blankets can be a valuable addition to any safety or survival gear. These blankets are waterproof, windproof and incredibly light to carry.

Now, the ones used by firefighters to survive a wildfire are much different than the standard space blanket, since they are designed specifically for someone to cover themselves with during an emergency and protect them from heat.

In other words, the $5 space blanket bought online is different from the one that firefighters use. But, I still recommend everyone have a space blanket or two in your bug out bag.


My work attire often involves wearing a dress. I like to conceal carry my pocket gun as often as possible. How do you recommend carrying a concealed weapon in a dress?

-From Marci T.

Answer: Many women simply choose to carry in a purse when wearing a dress.

With that being said, carrying a pistol “off-body” comes with risks.

For example, during a mugging or theft, the purse is usually what is taken, and you don’t want the criminal getting ahold of your gun.

​For circumstances when you are wearing a dress, I would suggest wearing some type of compression holster such as a belly band.


Jason, I love all your videos and really appreciate your advice on guns. I noticed you don’t really talk about revolvers. Why not?

-From Charlie R.

Answer: I have nothing against revolvers and I think they are a better fit for some folks than semi-autos.

For many people with weak hands or arthritis, using a revolver is a better option since you don’t have to be able to manipulate a slide like you do on a semi-auto.

However, I definitely prefer a semi-auto because they hold more rounds. Plus, if you train with your gun, you can clear a jam in a second, in the event one occurs.

But again, if you love revolvers then definitely get one. Smith & Wesson and Ruger are my favorite revolver brands.


Is it possible for someone to call me using another person’s phone number? Can someone call me from my wife’s cell phone number? I’ve been getting calls from people I know but it’s not them when I pick up.

-From Ernie M.

Answer: Unfortunately, this is a common way scammers will trick you into answering their phone calls.

There are multiple apps that can be used to spoof a phone number. Essentially, someone can call your phone and make any number they want appear on the caller ID.

For example, I once received a phone call on my phone from my own number.

In other words, the phone in my hand looked like it was calling itself, which obviously isn’t possible. However, it’s very tempting to answer the phone call since you want to know who it is.

Personally, I only answer phone calls from numbers I know. If it is someone that really needs to get a hold of me, they will leave a message and I will call them back.

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