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Mailbag Monday

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What is your opinion regarding smart home devices like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa? My employer put one in our office break room. I’m worried it listens to conversations.

-From Daniel S.

Answer: Having these types of devices in your home or office is dangerous and I would never recommend it.

Not only are the devices listening to you and using and selling this data, but also hackers can get into these and listen to you too.

People are willingly bringing these spying devices into their home and big tech companies are loving it.

The big tech companies claim the recordings are not saved, but that’s not true.


I’m a small business owner. I believe we have an employee that is hacking other employees’ computers. Is there any way to track this or catch the person?

-From Eddie R.

Answer: There are a number of different ways to tell if your computer has been hacked or if someone is spying on you.

One of the most common ways to tell is if you are constantly getting pop-ups ads on your computer. This is one of the most common ways hackers will steal information from you by getting you to click on pop-up ads.

Another common sign that your computer has been compromised is constant internet website redirects sending you to websites that you didn’t intend to visit.

If your computer starts doing weird things like the ones mentioned above there is a good chance someone has hacked it.

Also, you could always install a keylogger program to see what’s going on with the computer and you would be able to tell everything that is typed on the computer.

This would tell you if the hacker employee is getting on other computers when no one is around.

You can also install security cameras in the area.


What is your opinion on carrying a concealed weapon at your lower back? This would keep the gun from getting in the way of daily tasks.

-From Darrell T.

Answer: I don’t like the idea. I would not recommend that anyone carry concealed in the small of their back. In addition to injury (if you fell on your back), it takes too long to draw the gun.

You need to be able to have a smooth draw, lightning fast.

I would try appendix carry or pocket carry.


If I’m logging into a website and it asks if I want to “Remember me” is it safe to do this? I have trouble remembering my passwords for all the websites I use.

-From Bethany B.

Answer: You never want to save your important passwords in the browser for two main reasons.

First, this means that your browser has a data log of your entire login information and if it were hacked, a criminal would easily have this access.

Second, the physical security risk of your computer being stolen means that a thief would have access to all your accounts and information in a heartbeat.

I agree that remembering all your passwords is a task. I would check out a password manager application. There are many of these applications out there such as LastPass.


Earlier this week you sent out an email that you would never travel to Mexico. After the recent murders of Americans, the cartel offered an apology. If I were to travel in Mexico and was abducted by gangs should I tell them I’m an American?

-From Jared F.

Answer: The thing is cartels are ruthless killers. Their apology means nothing.

The only reason they apologized is because the last thing they want is the American government coming after them.

If you are kidnapped in Mexico and you tell the abductors you are an American it could mean they hold you for ransom. My point is that telling them you are an American likely won’t make a difference and could make things worse.

Again, I would not travel to Mexico for any reason.


I just obtained my concealed weapons permit. During the process I learned about the state database of permit holders. I’m worried that this could make me a target by hackers or even police if they wanted to confiscate guns. Is there anything I can do about this?

-From Jace T.

Answer: I don’t disagree that obtaining a concealed carry permit puts your name on a government record. But the good thing is no one will know exactly how many guns you own.

What I mean is, a lot of folks have a concealed permit and own one firearm for protection, however some people own a lot more.

Let’s say you inherited a gun from a family member or legally build your own Ghost Gun.

If the police came looking for your guns, there is no way for them to know exactly how many you have.

As for me personally, I carry concealed every day and it’s not worth the risk for me to take the chance of getting caught illegally carrying a gun. So, I do have my permit.

But I also have guns that don’t exist and are well hidden.

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