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Mailbag Monday

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Do you carry an extra magazine when you conceal carry? I just obtained my permit and can’t decide how to carry an extra mag.

-From Greg H.

Answer: Most of the time I do, but admittedly, not all the time. Also, when I carry an extra magazine, the easiest way to carry a spare magazine is to simply put it in your pocket.

The typical magazine isn’t any heavier than the normal things you have in your pocket, so it shouldn’t be a burden.

Another option is to wear a magazine holster. There are a ton of them on the market with all sorts of options.

For concealed carry, try to find an inside-the-waistband design that tucks easily and isn’t uncomfortable to have in the waistband.

Lastly, there are combination holsters for your gun and magazine. Obviously, these are bigger holsters, but it’s an all-in-one option for convenience.


My mother is in failing health but her mind is as sharp as ever. She is moving into an assisted living facility and I worry about someone stealing from her room since she’s physically limited. How can I protect her room?

-From Tammy M.

Answer: One of the first things I would do is ask if you can change the locks on the door. You can provide the facility with a copy of the key and keep one for yourself.

Also, a lot of these types of facilities are broken into through windows. So, always lock windows and put a piece of wood or something in the window track so it can’t be opened.

Finally, it’s difficult to have a security system in one room but I recommend some type of chime or alarm for when the door opens. This would at least alert you that someone entered the room.

Also, you could install cameras inside the room such as a “nanny cam.”


Do I need a federal permit or license to legally reload ammunition? I want to make sure I’m doing everything by the book.

-From Al T.

Answer: Federal law says a person must be a licensed manufacturer if they engage in the business of selling or distributing reloaded ammo for livelihood or profit.

But, if they reload only for personal use they don’t need a license.

So, if you sell reloaded ammo in any way, it would be illegal. You can’t sell your reloaded ammo online or even at a gun show unless you are a licensed manufacturer.

Oftentimes people make the mistake of selling ammo to a neighbor or friend and it comes back to bite them.

Reloading your own ammo can be a huge money saver. Especially with the current ammo shortage. But, make sure you follow the laws. Consult a local attorney to ask if there are any state laws related to reloading ammo.


I know that I should use a VPN everytime I use the internet. But, I’m concerned my VPN is storing personal data or even my browsing history. Is there anything I can do about the VPN keeping this information?

-From Debra B.

Answer: The best thing to do is to contact the specific VPN you may want to use and ask them for their customer privacy policy.

Make sure they don’t store your browsing history as some VPNs do.

So, read the fine print from the VPN you are using. If they keep too much information, I would find another VPN.


I can’t own a gun because of my living situation. But, I was recently given a stun gun. My question is how do I know when I’m justified to use the stun gun on someone?

-From Patty P.

Answer: I’m not a lawyer, but I wouldn’t use the stun gun unless your life was in danger.

Laws about the use of stun guns is something that varies state-to-state, and even municipality-to-municipality in some places.

When it comes to less lethal options such as a stun gun or pepper spray you are typically justified in using these in life-threatening circumstances.

In other words, I would treat the stun gun just like a gun – meaning, only use it if you are in fear for your life or serious bodily injury.


I’m still having difficulty finding ammo. But, I was able to buy a large amount of steel cased ammo. Is steel case ammo good? Is it safe to use?

-From Thomas R.

Answer: I would avoid using any type of steel cased ammo such as Wolf brand. The thing with steel is that it’s usually harder on the gun.

What I mean is, brass gives a little more than steel. Over time, steel can damage the extractor.

Also, even though steel is cheaper, it can have a poor seal. This can cause the gun parts to wear out prematurely. This shortens the lifetime of the gun, and increases the risk of malfunctions.

Yes, it is safe to use. But I would only use it as a last resort.

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