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Mailbag Monday

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Is a telescoping baton any good for self-defense?

-From David D.

Answer: Collapsible batons are relatively lightweight and they can be carried in a laptop bag or purse. I know of several people who carry one in their vehicle.

Batons can be used in self-defense and can cause serious injuries to an attacker.

If you get a collapsible baton, I would spend the money for the ASP brand. They make the quality batons that will last a long time.

The thing with batons is you need to check your state law before you decide to purchase one of these.

I know in California (big surprise) it’s illegal for civilians to have one of these. I’m sure in other “non-free” states it may be illegal too.


I’m a first-time gun owner. I’ve considered adding accessories to my new gun. Is it legal to add suppressors to small arms without government paperwork?

-From Cory R.

Answer: In order to legally purchase a suppressor, you would need to fill out the government paperwork and go through a detailed application process that can take up to a year.

The application process includes fingerprints and photographs much like if you were applying for a concealed weapons permit.

One of the requirements during the process is to pay a $200 tax and, of course, pass a background check. Suppressors are only legal in about 42 states so I would check your local laws before you start the process.

The dealer you are buying the suppressor from cannot transfer it to you until all the paperwork is approved. Plus, you have to complete the process for each suppressor you buy. So, if you want to own five, you will need to do five applications.


In one of your videos, you showed how to properly dry fire practice. Where can I get the practice laser pistol with cans that you used in the video?

-From Nick T.

Answer: The training pistol I was using is called the LaserLyte Trainer Pistol. The pistol and cans are sold separately but you can find both on Amazon.

LaserLyte is well-known among consumers for its laser training and sighting products.

​LaserLyte was purchased by American Outdoor Brands Corp., which is the parent company for Smith and Wesson.


I’ve been stockpiling batteries for an emergency. What is the best way to store batteries so they last the longest? Does putting them in the freezer work?

-From Tammy M.

Answer: Unfortunately, it’s a common myth that keeping batteries in the freezer will make them last longer. It actually can do more harm to the batteries and the ideal place to store batteries is in a cool place around 70 degrees.

Also, before storing your batteries for the long term you should clean both the positive and negative ends of the battery with a rag.

Finally, you should store the batteries in a container where they won’t come in contact with anything else.

Basically, when you keep batteries in a drawer they probably come in contact with pens, loose change, and other metal, which can damage the battery.


I live in Atlanta and I’m worried that one day I will have to evacuate my city because of riots. My concern is getting stuck behind cars lined up for miles and no gas in sight. Do you recommend storing extra gas at home and taking it with me?

-From Nathan R.

Answer: Storing gasoline is a great idea if you plan to bug out or even to run a generator.

If you’re going to let the gas sit for 6-12 months make sure and add a stabilizer.

If you take the gas with you, try to secure it to the outside of your vehicle so you don’t have to breathe the fumes.


I recently moved to a big city for a new job. I no longer own a vehicle and will be using a bicycle as my main mode of transportation. Do you have any self-defense tips for when you ride a bicycle?

-From Jacob D.

Answer: When it comes to bicycles the most important thing you can do in a self-defense situation is to use the bike to your advantage. What I mean is, your bike can be used to create distance between you and a threat.

In addition, if it came to it, you can also use the bike as a weapon. For example, striking someone with the front tire of a bike could provide enough force to knock the person down, or at the very least push them off balance.

Of course, you want to keep your head up and be able to ride away before you are forced to use your bike to protect yourself in the first place.

Also, if you carry a gun while riding, don’t think you’re going to pull some Hollywood move and be able to ride and shoot in some crazy situation.

That is incredibly difficult and not a good idea since we’re responsible for every round that leaves our gun.

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