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Mailbag Monday

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In the past you have mentioned putting a P.O. Box address on your driver’s license. I tried to do it and the state said I couldn’t.

-From Tommy W.

Answer: You are right. In many states the DMV will not allow you to put a P.O. Box on a driver’s license because they require a physical address.

With that being said, I recommend getting a mailbox at a place with a physical location such as the UPS Store.

Basically, the UPS store has boxes you can rent just like you would rent a P.O. Box at the post office. The difference is, at the UPS Store the address may be 888 Main Street #222. Well, the #222 is simply your box number, but it is also a real physical address.

Years ago, I did have a P.O. Box on my driver’s license when I lived in Virginia. But when I moved to Utah, they would not allow it.


I have not been to the shooting range in almost five years. Last weekend I went through my range bag and found three magazines fully loaded. Is it safe to shoot these if they have been sitting loaded for three years?

-From Richard R.

Answer: It’s hard to say for sure if the spring will weaken because there are a lot of factors that come into play.

First, is the magazine a quality brand? Or is it a cheap aftermarket mag? Also, moisture, corrosion, dust, and other factors can affect how well the spring works.

If you are using a quality magazine such as Magpul (or a factory magazine), and the magazine is stored in a clean, dry place, then it should last many years even if loaded.

In theory, a quality spring should last thousands of cycles before it goes bad. But, you will be able to tell if the spring is bad if it’s too easy to load ammo.


I live in a very remote area. I am worried about home security. There is no way to run power outside my house so I can’t set up security cameras. Any security advice when options are limited in a very remote location?

-From Harry L.

Answer: I recommend installing a simple security system with motion detection or even a trail camera that is motion activated. These can be battery operated.

I would definitely get a driveway alarm if I were you. The one I use has a solar panel on it, so you don’t have to worry about power.

Another simple tool is a doorstopper alarm, which would be moved out of place if someone entered through the door and set off a very loud alarm.


I have a large family and have purchased 55-gallon drums to store water. What is the best way to keep the water in the drums fresh?

-From Mike R.

Answer: One of the biggest keys to making the water stay fresh is to store the water in a cool, dry place. In other words, if you store your barrel in a garage where the temperatures can reach the 100’s in the summer then the water won’t stay fresh as long.

In addition, you want to store the barrel on top of two 2X4’s or off the ground. This will reduce the chances of the floor leaching chemicals into the water.

Finally, some people will recommend treating the water, however this isn’t something I think is a must, because if you are filling the barrel with tap water then the water has already been treated with chemicals by the municipality that supplies your water.


The house I just moved into has exterior doors with small glass windows. I’m worried that burglars could break the little windows and open the door. Do you have any suggestions for securing these windows?

-From Irene B.

Answer: Many folks like the look of doors with glass windows but there is no doubt they are less secure.

As for the glass, you can install security window films such as one from 3M that will help hold the glass in place. This won’t prevent the glass from breaking but it will make it more difficult to do so.

Lastly, I would install a security system with a glass break sensor. This sensor should be located near the door with the glass window so it can alert you if the glass is broken.


A few nights ago, there was a knock on my door at two in the morning. When I looked outside no one was there. In a situation like this, if the person was knocking and trying to open the door would it be okay to shoot them through the door?

-From Donny R.

Answer: I’m not a lawyer and a lot of this will depend on the state laws where you live.

But, in general terms if your state has a Castle Law then typically the individual must be inside your “castle” for you to use deadly force.

On the other hand, you and I know criminals can shoot through doors. So, if it was a scenario where the criminal was shooting through your door and you could see him then self-defense laws may work in your favor.

My point is, if the criminal was outside your home, then home defense laws might not apply.

For what I personally would do, I would not shoot through the door. But the moment the door got kicked in and I could see the guy, I would be ready to stop him.

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