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5 reasons to attend a gun show ASAP

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I love gun shows and just went to one last month.

But if you live in California, you likely won’t see many gun shows in the future. That’s because this year California became the first state to ban gun shows on state property.

The new law bans the sale of firearms and ammunition on property owned or operated by the state.

So, all the gun shows that are held at fairgrounds or other government-owned facilities are gone.

According to one gun advocate…

“Tying gun shows to mass shootings is ludicrous. It’s offensive. We’re not doing anything wrong. We’re not doing anything immoral. We’re good, upstanding taxpayers like anyone else.”

Amen to that.

Before the new law, all firearm transactions at California gun shows had to go through a federally licensed dealer. This means the buyer must pass a background check.

Many other states such as New York and Oregon require background checks on all purchases made at gun shows.

The scary part is that California went after gun shows even though they follow the same laws as buying a gun at a store.

So, who will they go after next?

According to the Department of Justice, less than 1% of firearms used in the commission of crimes in the U.S. are obtained at gun shows.

The fact is that shutting down gun shows is not going to fix the violence problem in America.

Even if you don’t live in California, you should attend a gun show before it’s too late.

Because gun shows aren’t just about guns. They are a great place to look at different gear such as knives and other items.

In fact, here some reasons to attend a gun show and how you can make the most out of your time there.

Don’t be overwhelmed:

Gun shows can be overwhelming.

Yet, they are also a place to see a ton of gear that you likely won’t find at your local outdoor supply store.

You will likely see custom-made holsters, belts, coins, jewelry, ammo, and everything related to the outdoors.

So, definitely take your time as you stroll through the aisles.

Get your hands on guns (with permission):

One of the best things about attending a gun show is that there are rows upon rows of tables full of guns.

This means it’s a great place to get an up-close look at a firearm you might be interested in.

Most vendors will allow you to pick up the firearms you are interested in so you can get a feel for them. Sellers will have “don’t touch” signs out if they don’t want you to.

Of course, always ask permission before picking up anything.

Also, if you are looking for a common gun such as a Glock you can look at different generations to find the gun that fits you best.

Shop around:

Most vendors are small mom-and-pop operations. Which means you can typically find a seller who is willing to negotiate.

But, even if the seller won’t negotiate on the price of the gun, they might be willing to throw in a magazine or a holster.

At gun shows you have tons of options, so shop around to find the right deal for you.

If you have your heart set on a specific model of a firearm there are likely a few vendors to choose from.

Remember, gun show exhibitors compete against each other.

Have a list:

If you are looking for specific guns, ammo, or other gear, you should take a list. Have the price for the specific item that you would pay at a retail store.

Then, you can compare the retail price and the price you are seeing at the gun show.

Some people expect to get a 30% discount at a gun show but that’s not always the case.

Gun shows are a good place to buy certain things (such as bulk ammo), but not the best for other items.

So, depending on your shopping list, you might not find a deal at a gun show.

Likeminded people:

Another benefit to attending gun shows is meeting likeminded people.

Obviously, most people who attend these shows are Second Amendment supporters and patriots.

Even better, many of these same people are interested in self-defense, survival, and preparedness.

So, in addition to stocking up on firearms or gear, you can treat gun shows like networking events and make some great contacts.

That’s important because in today’s world, having a network of likeminded people is vital to the survival of your personal freedom and safety.

In fact, it was groups of likeminded people, banding together that helped overthrow tyranny and give birth to our nation.

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