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Mailbag Monday

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Jason, I’ve heard you say that you use an old flip open cellular phone. Why do you use this sort of phone?

-From Nicole D.

Answer: Most flip phones are older, meaning they are not always connected to the internet and sending your information back and forth.

In addition, older flip phones are not GPS enabled, so you can’t use them for things like mapping or directions.

Basically, since an older flip phone doesn’t have internet connectivity, your location cannot be pinpointed by Google or Apple.

However, any cell phone will use a cell tower when making a phone call, so phone companies can track your phone to a general location based on the cell phone tower it’s connecting to.

Plus, I’m a simple guy, I don’t need a lot of fancy things in life.


I have decided to sell my house and move into my RV full time. I know that the state I live in has a “Castle Doctrine” law when it comes to defending my house. Do you know if this would apply to an RV if I live in it?

-From Sean S.

Answer: The laws about guns and RV’s differ from state to state. I would consult an attorney for specific laws in your state.

But in most states if you can drive your RV, it’s considered a vehicle. If you can start the engine and drive off it’s a vehicle and the laws are the same as a car.

Depending on the state, this could mean the firearm needs to be unloaded, locked and stored in a rear compartment. It shouldn’t be anywhere that someone can easily reach it.

However, if your RV is set up such that the slides are out and you are hooked up to utilities then you can’t just drive away. In this case, some states would consider your RV a home.

This would give you the right to protect your RV like you would you home. You could have a firearm readily accessible inside your home.


What is your opinion on steel screen security doors for the front door of a house? Are these a good idea?

-From Gina S.

Answer: With enough time, a criminal can get through almost any type of door. But a steel screen door can make it harder for someone on the outside trying to break through.

So, putting a steel screen door on your existing exterior door is a great way to add protection from intruders.

If you get a quality security door, they will have features such as hidden hinges and durable metals and meshes.

Plus, most of the hardware used to install these types of doors is security oriented as well.

At the end of the day, there is no guarantee that these doors will stop every criminal.

But they will make it a lot harder and will definitely slow them down, which gives you more time to get to your gun.


My entire extended family is renting a ski cabin for the holidays. There will be about ten of us staying in this cabin. Any security advice for when staying in a rental cabin in the middle of nowhere?

-From Pete C.

Answer: First, keep the lights on all the time on the porch and inside hallway. I hate to waste electricity but you want to make sure that if some burglar comes by at 3 a.m. that he can see there are people staying there.

Also, when you first arrive, walk around the cabin and make sure all the doors and windows are locked. You want to make sure that the people before you didn’t leave something unlocked.

In addition, walk around the exterior of the cabin and see if there are any places that someone could easily hide. Are there a bunch of trees by the back door? Things like that might make it easy for someone to wait in the dark.

Finally, consider taking a door stopper alarm with you. Put this at the front door before you go to bed. It will alert you if someone comes in during the night. And it’s very loud.

Of course, having a gun on your nightstand is a good idea or at least some type of weapon such as a knife. And don’t forget a good flashlight to blind or whack an intruder with.


My daughter is a college athlete. When she is home during the holidays, she stays active and goes running. I’m worried about her safety while she is jogging. She wears headphones and isn’t the best at being aware. Any suggestions to keep her safe?

-From Kirk M.

Answer: I have 3 daughters and I would be worried too. First, I would try to talk her out of wearing the headphones, it’s just not a good idea at all. (At least leave one of the ear buds out of her ear.)

Second, I would have her carry a tactical pen or a small stun gun flashlight. (They are small enough that she can run with them in her hands.)

Lastly, make sure she doesn’t run on secluded trails. (I realize all of this is easier said than done trying to convince a college kid.)


Would you ever order food from a delivery service such as UberEats or DoorDash? Are they safe?

-From Leslie T.

Answer: I don’t do this only because I never have anything delivered to my house. I don’t want my home address in any of their systems.

I want to make sure nobody knows where I live because there are too many crazies out there.

I know these services are popular but I don’t trust them. To work for these companies all you have to do is pass a basic background check. It’s not hard to get these jobs.

These services just aren’t worth the risk to me.

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