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During the winter my family and I frequently attend hockey games. My biggest fear is some type of violence breaking out and my family getting caught in a rush to leave the area. What do we do if this happens?

-From Shane T.

Answer: The reality is, protests, flash mobs, and riots can happen anywhere, anytime, which is why using good situational awareness has never been more important.

However, if you find yourself in the middle of one of these situations, obviously, the first priority should be to get away as fast as you can.

I realize that’s easier said than done but if you are stuck in the middle of a group of people, you should slowly move with the group.

In other words, go in the same direction of the group of people but carefully make your way to the side of the group. Never be aggressive toward others since it will draw attention to you.


What should I do if my social security number was stolen?

-From Doug H.

Answer: This is becoming an epidemic since social security numbers can be used to commit so many different types of crimes. It’s also a huge mess to get this cleaned up and will take some time on your part.

You will want to go to your local police and file a police report. You want to report the theft of your SS# to the Federal Trade Commission.

You want to make sure you put a credit freeze on your credit report (This is crucial to do and you have to put a credit freeze on all 3 credit agencies).

Also, monitor your credit report every month to make sure there are no fraudulent charges. You should contact the Social Security Administration about getting a new SS#.


I live in a major U.S. city with a population well over one million people. I worry that during a disaster it will be hard to bug out by car because of the huge population. Any other ideas for bugging out?

-From Jace R.

Answer: One of your best options might be finding a private airport. Plan ahead and charter a small plane to get out of dodge.

It’s not as expensive as you might think. Another option is to just leave very early at any threat of a disaster. Have a bug out location fully stocked so that you can hang out for a long time.

Also, consider a bicycle. They are a great option and there are even bikes that fold-up and you can have in your trunk at all times.


I moved into a new apartment about a month ago. Since I’ve moved in, I’ve noticed that the key to my apartment is getting stuck in the lock and it takes a few times before I can get the door to unlock. Could this mean that someone is picking the lock?

-From Allison R.

Answer: This is a possibility, especially if the person who may have picked the lock is inexperienced.

What I mean is, when you pick a lock once, there isn’t typically damage to the lock unless the person really didn’t know what they were doing and damaged the lock.

Usually, a lock would have to be picked many times for it to sustain any damage. If I were you, I would get some security cameras and an alarm system for your apartment.

Also, change the locks. Get Schlage or Medeco locks.


Lately I’ve been getting phone calls from my number. My own phone number is calling my phone. I don’t answer but it’s happening more often. Any idea what this is?

-From Ruth M.

Answer: Unfortunately, this is a common way that scammers will trick you into answering their phone calls. There are multiple apps that can be used to spoof a phone number.

Essentially, someone can call your phone and make any number they want appear on the caller ID.

If the scammer keeps calling from the same phone number, you can block that specific number. Also, you should contact your wireless carrier to ask them if there are any features you can add to your plan to block spam calls.


I started taking martial arts classes to expand my self-defense skills. My concern is that the training is too advanced for me. If I’m forced to defend myself in a physical confrontation what is something easy I can do to protect myself?

-From Dennis I.

Answer: The long story short on this one is to study the Paul Vunak Rapid Assault Tactics training.

In a real-life situation, you won’t remember fancy martial arts moves. You need to know what will end a fight in seconds and that’s what Rapid Assault Tactics does.

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