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Mailbag Monday

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I’ve been offered a new job that pays considerably more than my current salary. My hesitation is that the company that offered me the job is headquartered in China. Is this bad?

-From Lucy T.

Answer: First, I definitely would check out the company you will be working for and find out whether they conduct a lot of business in the U.S.

Make sure they are reputable and whether they have followed laws to operate in the U.S. Do a lot of research to make sure they are legit.

I would be cautious working for them if they are a Chinese company since I wouldn’t want to share any personal information such as my Social Security Number, etc.

Plus, make sure the company isn’t just a front for the government and that they aren’t really trying to recruit you to steal secrets from the US.


Lately I’ve seen advertisements for products you can put in your bathtub and fill them up with water in an emergency. Is this safe to do?

-From Kelly P.

Answer: This is a great idea. I always recommend thinking of a bathtub as a bonus water source, but not to 100% depend on it in an emergency.

What I mean is, a bathtub that is full of water can absolutely be used as drinking water if you use a filter.

However, don’t completely rely on this method. Depending on the type of emergency the water might not be flowing from the taps.

I still recommend having water stored in your home in 5-gallon or 7-gallon containers, which is the water you go to first.


The other day I was cleaning my gun and started wondering about gun magazines. Do I need to clean the magazines like I do my gun?

-From Ryan B.

Answer: Magazines tend to accumulate a lot of dirt and other debris. They get dropped in the dirt and the exhaust from the combustion chamber gets funneled right into them during shooting.

Depending on your specific magazine, you can take the magazine apart, remove the spring and completely clean and wipe down the magazine like you would a gun.

For instance, I often throw my Glock magazines (taken apart) in soap and water to give them a good cleaning.


I recently obtained a concealed carry permit. I know I can’t carry a concealed gun into government buildings. But can private businesses stop me from carrying into their stores?

-From Taylor R.

Answer: In the context of gun laws, most states allow business owners to enforce their own policy regarding the carrying of guns on business premises.

Now, I’m not a lawyer, but a business such as Wal-Mart is considered private property, therefore they have the right to ban people from carrying guns on their property.

Basically, it’s just like if your friend came to your house with a gun on his hip and you didn’t want him to bring it in, you have the right to tell him to leave since it’s your property.


I live near a big park. There are constantly dogs running around the park with and without their owners. I’m concerned about being attacked by one of these loose dogs. What is the best way to defend myself?

-From Randy M.

Answer: Personally, I think a gun is the best answer. Dog attacks kill plenty of people each year so I don’t want to take any chances if a dog tries to maul me.

Of course, there are other options such as a stun gun or stick.

With that being said, I wouldn’t think of a dog any differently than a person. What I mean is, a dog can kill you just like a person, so if your life is in imminent danger, I would do what you need to do to save your life.


My family and I love camping. We camp all year round, even in the winter. My question is, how do we build a nice campfire without it being seen? I don’t want strangers walking into my camp because they see the fire.

-From Doug E.

Answer: The most important thing you can do is reduce the amount of smoke the fire creates. This can be done by using wood that is very dry.

You also want to use small tinder or pieces of wood because when you add a large amount of fuel to a fire it usually creates more smoke.

You want to make the fire as small as you can, but still be able to cook and stay warm.

Also, digging a hole and making your fire inside the hole can reduce the amount of smoke that is seen. Do an internet search for “Dakota Fire Hole” and you will see a good option.

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