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Mailbag Monday

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I have spent my life living in Washington, D.C. working for the federal government. I’m about to retire. I was wondering where you would move to if you were going to retire but still wanted to be close enough to D.C. to drive there.

-From Frank R.

Answer: Tennessee would be high on my list. It provides a central location for many people up and down the east coast.

The rolling hills include plenty of trees and game for hunting. Yet, even though it’s in the east, there are vast parts of Tennessee with a low population.

If I had to pick a state east of the Mississippi, Tennessee would be hard to resist.

Another good state for east coasters is West Virginia. Many of the people who live in the Appalachian Mountains are survivalist types.

I like the Beckley, WV area.


I just purchased a Remington 870 shotgun for home defense. What is the best ammo to use? Should I use shotgun slugs?

-From Beth C.

Answer: I don’t recommend using slugs for home defense. A shotgun slug contains a single metal projectile. They are heavy and over penetrate.

Instead, I recommend and use 00 buck (double-aught buckshot) for home defense.

The exact ammo I like is Winchester Double X or Federal Premium Force X2.


Even though the pandemic is behind us I’m still having trouble finding certain guns and ammunition. Do you have any specific retailers you recommend when buying guns and ammo?

-From Henry C.

Answer: If you are looking for firearms you may want to check with local pawn shops. Smaller retailers may have more options.

In addition, I would check out websites such as Bud’s Gun Shop or Cheaper Than Dirt. These are both reputable websites that offer guns and ammo.


In your opinion, could the federal government ever take our guns away? The recent elections didn’t go as I had hoped in my state. The newly elected are anti-guns and I’m worried.

-From Lester M.

Answer: It’s no secret that some politicians would like to take guns away from law-abiding citizens.

Many politicians want to implement universal background checks on purchasers, and institute buy-back programs for “assault weapons” and high-capacity magazines.

I’m going to guess that their goal would be to make buyback programs not optional. But politicians forget to mention that.

My point is I could easily see politicians trying to chip away at our gun rights. But I don’t believe they will try to take away our guns in one law. Rather, they will slowly take away our 2nd Amendment rights.

There are over 400 million firearms in circulation in the U.S. An immediate gun confiscation would be difficult to carry out.

Yet, they are going in that direction, which is why I would buy guns now and make them hard to find.


Obviously, the federal government tracks gun sales. But do they track ammunition sales as well? If I buy a lot of ammo will it raise any flags?

-From Ed T.

Answer: You bring up a great point. No matter how many guns you own, you won’t be able to protect your family if you don’t have ammo.

California has a law that requires anyone purchasing ammunition to undergo a background check with every purchase.

Those who don’t already have their information in the Department of Justice’s system for these point-of-sale screenings will have to pay up to $20 for an initial screening.

In addition, the law requires that all ammo purchases take place in person. Even online orders must be delivered to a licensed vendor for customer pick-up.

My point is, I wouldn’t be surprised if more states try to create laws similar to California. This is one of the many reasons I recommend stockpiling ammo.

If you really want to get serious about stockpiling, I would have 10,000 rounds for the major calibers you own.

And buy as much ammo as you can from your local stores so that none of it will be tracked to you.


I’m a senior citizen and I am no longer able to operate a motor vehicle. (The state says so.) I’m going to sell my truck. I’m planning on using Uber to get around. Any advice when using these types of services?

-From William W.

Answer: I like using Taxi’s when possible since they do more thorough background checks on their drivers.

If you are using Uber, always trust your gut and never get in if anything seems wrong.

Always have a weapon on you such as a Tactical Pen in case you are forced to protect yourself.

And avoid using these at night, since criminals feel more emboldened to do nefarious things in the dark.

Of course, travel with more than one person when possible, so you have safety in numbers.

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