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3 strategies for when a thug goes for your gun

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Marlene R. was a police sergeant in Bradley, Illinois.

One evening, around 10 p.m. she and another officer responded to a noise complaint at a motel.

After talking to motel staff, the sergeant and other officer learned that one of the people in the motel room was wanted for outstanding warrants.

When the officers went to the motel room, they knocked several times and asked the people inside to come out and talk to them.

After fourteen minutes a female finally came out of the room.

But as the officers tried to see who else was inside the motel room a man came around the corner with a 9mm handgun.

While the officers struggled with the female in the doorway the gunman fired at them, and both officers were struck by bullets.

Marlene tried to get away from the doorway as shots were fired, but the gunman followed her and shot her again as she tried to move away.

The gunman eventually caught up to the wounded sergeant and pinned her against a door, but the man’s gun jammed and wouldn’t fire.

He then fought with the sergeant as she tried to get away.

As the scuffle ensued, the female from the motel room helped the gunman take the sergeant’s gun.

The two scumbags then stood over the sergeant and took her life.

Marlene pleaded with the pair to go away. She told them just to leave… but they didn’t.

The sergeant was shot twice more and succumbed to her wounds.

The following day, a U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force tracked down the gunman and arrested him.

Sadly, this story is another example of the evil that police officers face each day.

But it this also highlights the fact that criminals like to take guns from their victims.

While you might not wear a gun like a police officer, there could still be people that want to disarm you.

So, here are a few ways you can protect yourself and your gun from criminals looking to disarm you and possibly kill you.


If someone is attempting to grab your gun, they are likely going to use it against you.

This can be a life-or-death situation, which means that it will be a close-quarters fight.

So, carrying a knife should be part of your EDC.

Ideally, you want to have a knife in your front pocket on your off-gun side.

This way if someone tries to grab your gun from the holster you can protect your gun with your gun hand, then deploy your knife with the other hand.

For this reason, you should practice removing your knife with your off-hand, and if it’s a folding knife you want to be able to open it one-handed.


If someone tries to grab your weapon from the holster you want to grab their hand or push down on your gun to keep it from being unholstered.

You want to apply as much downward pressure as possible with your strong hand.

Next, you want to move. You want to get away from the person or at the very least spin away from them.

The goal is to break their grip on the weapon or to keep them from being able to get a solid grip.

If the person has a grip on your weapon and you spin away it will likely cause them pain.

Also, you’ve probably heard the saying “movement saves lives.”

This is another situation where this is true. The criminal will have to go on the defense and figure out where you are, and they will no longer have the upper hand.

Don’t lead with your gun:

Not only do you have to worry about people grabbing your gun from your holster, but what about when it’s already out?

Having to fight off someone when you have your gun in your hand can be a challenge.

First, you shouldn’t let anyone get close enough to grab your gun if you have it out.

If you are clearing your house in the middle of the night don’t lead with your firearm. If you come around a corner keep your gun close to your body while you look around.

If someone does grab your gun while it’s in your hands you want to jerk it back immediately toward your body.

While doing this, keep in mind where the muzzle is pointed.

If you are unable to break the criminals grip, you can also drop to one knee to lower your center of gravity and throw the criminal off balance.

Keep in mind that if someone is trying to take your gun away from you, they will likely use it against you.

Remember, this is a life and death fight that you can’t afford to lose. You must do everything and anything to keep your firearm and deal with the attacker.

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