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Mailbag Monday

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What is your opinion on having a machete as part of your bug out gear? Is it worth the added weight or a waste of space?

-From Thomas R.

Answer: The fact is, a machete is a great survival tool. It can be used to clear brush, chop wood, and of course, for self-defense.

One of the best reasons a machete can be used for self-defense is because you can defend yourself without getting right up close to your attacker.

I have a machete (Kukri) in my bug out bag and in my vehicle survival kit.


During a disaster my family has a meet up point. We will all go there and bug out together. My concern is that we might have to change our meet up point. What is the best way to communicate with my family that we need to change the location during an emergency?

-From Vic R.

Answer: During an emergency, one of the best ways to communicate is with a two-way radio such as the Baofeng UV-5R. Of course, each family member would need to have a radio and be on the same channel.

If this isn’t an option, I recommend leaving a note or some way to let your family members know that everyone should meet at a backup location.

For example, if your plan is to meet at a local school near the flagpole you could tell your family that if they go there and see a t-shirt tied to the pole that they should meet at the backup location you previously picked.

In other words, always have more than one meeting location in case one of them is unavailable.


Jason! I need your help. I have an ex that is stalking me. Any advice for a female who is being stalked when the police can’t do anything?

-From Ally M.

Answer: Having a stalker can be incredibly scary and it’s something you should always take seriously.

First, if you have a stalker NEVER respond to them. As much as you want to yell and cuss them out, the more you respond the more they will bother you.

Next, tell everyone you know that you have a stalker. You want all your friends and family to be on the lookout for you and let you know if the stalker tries to contact them for any information.

Plus, don’t forget to arm yourself with some type of weapon in case the stalker tries to physically harm you. This could be a firearm, stun-gun, or even a tactical pen but make sure you have a way to defend yourself.

Always be aware of your surroundings and use good situational awareness so you can hopefully avoid your stalker.


I’m a first time gun owner. I purchased a Remington 870 shotgun for home defense. My question is, what sling do you recommend for a shotgun?

-From Logan T.

Answer: One sling I would recommend is the Magpul Multi Mission Sling MS1.

This sling system is a dedicated two-point sling that also works well in a one-point position when using the optional adapters.

This system provides quick adjustments to either lengthen or shorten the sling with no slipping once set in position.

In a two-point position, it allows easy shoulder transitions and is adjustable for hands-free carry.


I know it is just a matter of time before our economy crashes. For this reason, I want to start saving cash at home in case banks shut down. How much cash do you recommend keeping at home for an emergency?

-From Nik W.

Answer: I recommend having at least 6 months’ worth of your living expenses saved in a bank and at least one month’s living expenses in cash in your home.

I would have one month of cash in $20 bills. Keep it in a small, fireproof safe. Sentry is one such company that makes inexpensive fireproof safes. If you have the room, I would use a safe that can be bolted down.

Finally, if you can afford more than 1 month of cash at home, the more the better.


Thanks for all your incredible information. I have added a healthy stockpile of water in the event of an emergency. How long does water stay fresh when it’s in storage?

-From Whitney M.

Answer: The amount of time the water will stay fresh completely depends on how the water is stored.

In other words, if you store the water containers in a cool, dry place, the water will stay fresh longer than if you stored it in a garage that’s not temperature controlled.

So, I definitely recommend storing water in a place such as your basement because the water should last years. (If you did store it in a place such as a garage that can get very hot, I would check the water every 30 days to see how it looks and tastes.)

Also, make sure you have a good water filter, just in case the water you stored turns nasty, you definitely want to be able to filter it.

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