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Mailbag Monday

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Last week I found out that my personal information was stolen when U-Haul was the victim of a cyber-attack. They told me that my information is likely for sale on hacker websites. Is there anything I can do about this?

-From Chloe H.

Answer: Many ID protection services claim to remove your information from the Dark Web. Yet, in reality this is pointless. Once data is posted for sale within the Dark Web, it is quickly copied and re-sold.

So, if your information is on the Dark Web it’s already too late to do much about it.

The best thing you can do is monitor your personal information to catch any fraud. You should check your credit score regularly along with your bank and credit card statements.

Also, I highly recommend placing a credit freeze on your accounts with the three major credit bureaus. This should prevent anyone from opening new credit accounts with your information.


What is your opinion of cryptocurrencies? I worry about our economy failing and trying to look for other investments.

-From Cary C.

Answer: There is no question there are more risks when investing in cryptocurrencies compared to traditional investments. The biggest risk with cryptocurrencies in hacking.

Buying and selling digital currency is pretty easy, but storing the currency is where a lot of folks get hacked.

Also, as these currencies become more popular there will likely be government regulations. This will increase as more people use cryptocurrencies. Remember that these currencies are still very new technology.

While this can make the investment exciting it also means that it is still unproven. I wouldn’t put any money in crypto that you can’t afford to lose.

I’d rather put my money in farmland and gold and silver at this time.


I’m a first time gun owner. I would like to add a laser and light combo to my pistol. My question is should I get a red or green laser?

-From Kelly T.

Answer: Both red and green lasers can be seen in low-light conditions. But, in brighter situations it is usually easier to see a green laser.

However, green lasers are usually more expensive compared to red. The choice between the two really comes down to personal preference and budget.

A red laser will work fine in many light conditions. But, if you want to spend the money and buy a laser that will work in bright sunlight, green is the way to go.


My wife and I are taking our first cruise next month. We are going to Mexico. I’m worried about our safety when getting off the ship. What do you recommend for self-defense?

-From Lee J.

Answer: The best self-defense tool for this situation would be a tactical pen. I have flown all over the world with my tactical pen and gone into courthouses, and other highly secure buildings. I’ve never had a problem taking my tactical pen when traveling.

Also, check the laws in the locations where you will be taking excursions. If it’s legal to carry a knife I would do so. Or just buy a cheap one at a local store.

Or do what my friend did when he went cruising and “borrow” a steak knife that you take off the ship with you.

Either way, always carry your tactical pen.


I live in Florida and was lucky to escape the worst of Hurricane Ian. A few friends had to leave their homes and they couldn’t find clean drinking water. My question is what should you do if you know the only water to drink is contaminated?

-From Jarod G.

Answer: If you know the water isn’t safe to drink then definitely don’t risk it.

This is why I always recommend taking a survival water filter with you and having one in your bug out bag. I use the SurvFilter and it is small enough to fit in virtually any bag.

Also, you can have a small camping stove and boil water. But having some type of survival water filter is definitely the best option.


It has been nearly impossible to find the ammo calibers I need. So, I have decided to start reloading my ammo. Do I need a permit to do this or is it legal?

-From Vinny T.

Answer: Federal law says a person must be a licensed manufacturer if they engage in the business of selling or distributing reloaded ammo for livelihood or profit. But if they reload only for personal use, they don’t need a license.

So, if you sell reloaded ammo in any way, it would be illegal.

Reloading your own ammo can be a huge money saver. Especially with the current ammo shortage. But, make sure you follow the law.

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