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In 1997, most companies didn’t make internet security a priority.

The internet had only become mainstream a few years prior, and companies didn’t understand security or how hackers would target them.

So, Jeff Moss decided to create an event that would give hackers the chance to share their ideas.

This is when the Black Hat Briefings conference started.

Attendees at the first conference heard from a list of talented speakers. They addressed different topics related to internet security.

The keynote speaker at the first conference told attendees, “You are going to be the thought leaders in the 21st century.”

The Black Hat conference made companies realize the threats and value hackers bring to the table.

The goal of the conference was to provide networking that would address the divide between companies and hackers.

One Microsoft official said…

“We came here to look at the hackers’ perspective, to understand what they’re thinking and what their concerns are.”

But Black Hat also brings forth bold presentations and hacking skills.

One of the most defining moments of the conference was in 2001, when author James Bamford gave a presentation on the NSA.

He explained how the agency had been listening in on U.S. citizens since World War II.

This upset many people who felt he was either a traitor or a whistleblower – and this was twelve years before Edward Snowden.

The fact is, every year, Black Hat reveals some of the most shocking things hackers are doing, and Black Hat 2022 was no different.

In early August, hackers from around the world gathered to discuss the latest security concerns.

Here are a few of the most interesting security issues from Black Hat 2022.


Many people lost their jobs during the pandemic. While many of these jobs have rebounded, many factors have led to the “great resignation.”

My point is that there are always people looking for new jobs.

At Black Hat, it was discussed how hackers are taking advantage of people looking for jobs.

Hackers are targeting job seekers with phishing links. The main groups of hackers that are carrying out these cyber-attacks are from Iran and North Korea.

The hackers create fake websites, job posts, social media profiles, and file attachments.

If you are looking for a new job, you should use extra caution. Reach out to the company’s HR department by phone.

Confirm everything you are doing online before sharing your personal information.

What are you typing?:

Keyloggers are nothing new. This is when a hacker captures everything you type into your computer keyboard.

Yet, with many devices using touchscreen keyboards you don’t have to worry about keyloggers – or so many folks thought.

At Black Hat, a research team showed that touch screen devices can be attacked similarly to keyloggers.

Researchers showed that if you put your touchscreen device down hackers can use the antennas to create an invisible finger to control the device.

Multi-factor authentication:

Everyone uses multi-factor authentication. The most popular way it’s used is when you login to a website they will either call or send you a text to your phone number.

Yet, hackers have exposed that sending a text message for authentication is insecure.

There have been several recent breaches because of multi-factor authentication hacking.

If a hacker has your login, password, and phone number, then two-factor authentication won’t protect you.

Key fobs:

Key fobs such as the one used for cars use a rolling code system. This means that each time you press the button it sends a different signal.

At Black Hat, researchers showed that with a laptop hackers can roll back the code system until they find a match.

So, a hacker could sit in their car next to your vehicle and attempt to unlock your car with codes until they find a match.

The worst thing is that researchers discovered that there was no time limit.

For instance, if the hackers found the rolling code that was used by your key fob thirty days ago it would still work.

In other words, your key fob is not as secure as car makers would like you to believe.

The reality is that there is not a Black Hat conference that occurs without big revelations. It’s where the latest hacking skills get introduced to the world.

And the threats I’ve mentioned will only become more common as they get easier to carry out.

The results of this conference are something to keep an eye on, as it outlines the latest threats and scams in use, allowing you to keep one step ahead and stay secure.

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