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Mailbag Monday

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I will be relocating to a foreign country for work. The country I am moving to is not gun friendly. I can’t legally have a gun. What is the best way to have a gun for home defense even if it might not be legal?

-From Aaron R.

Answer: First, I wouldn’t recommend breaking the law. Especially in a foreign country where the consequences could be severe. It’s not worth going to jail.

I would see what they do allow such as a machete or a tomahawk that are still good for home defense when you can’t have a gun.


Thanks to your advice I’ve been stockpiling food and water for the next disaster. When adding water to water storage containers do you add any sanitizer or chemicals when filling them?

-From Sherry S.

Answer: Before filling a container with water for storage, you can clean and sanitize the container. First, wash the storage container and rinse completely with water.

Next, sanitize the container by mixing 1 teaspoon of unscented liquid bleach with water. Wait at least 30 seconds and then pour the sanitizing solution out of the container.

Lastly, let the empty sanitized container air-dry before use or rinse the empty container with clean, safe water.


Jason, many years ago I made some bad life choices. I spent 5 years in prison and have been a law-abiding citizen since. I am unable to legally own firearms. What do you recommend I do for home defense?

-From Tommy P.

Answer: I would use a giant blade such as a Kukri or machete or I would use a tomahawk. All of those weapons have a huge intimidation factor and can do serious damage.


I just finished reading your first book. You mention that old flip phones are better than smartphones. Why are flip phones better?

-From Curtis T.

Answer: Most flip phones are older, meaning they are not always connected to the internet and sending your information back and forth.

In addition, older flip phones are not GPS enabled, so you can’t use them for things like mapping or directions. Basically, since an older flip phone doesn’t have internet connectivity, your location cannot be pinpointed by Google or Apple.

However, any cell phone will use a cell tower when making a phone call, so phone companies can track your phone to a general location based on the cell phone tower it’s connecting to.

Also, a flip phone doesn’t have a gazillion apps on it that can be hacked.


Should I attach a GPS tracker to my firearm? I’m paranoid that it will get stolen or lost?

-From Blake A.

Answer: GPS trackers are so tiny you can literally attach them to anything using a simple keychain ring.

But, I personally wouldn’t attach a tracker to a firearm because I would never want it to accidentally get in the way when I need to use the firearm.

I’m not a big fan of adding too many accessories to guns and I think a GPS tracker would be more of a headache.

The best thing to do is to keep it secure in a safe when you are not carrying it.

For instance, my gun is either on my body or in a rapid-access safe when I’m not carrying it.


I live alone and own many guns. My guns are stored around my home so I can grab them in an emergency. My family says it’s bad that I keep my guns out in the open and not in a safe. Is there anything wrong with this?

-From Al M.

Answer: I have young kids, so my guns are always locked up. They are all in rapid access safes. I can get my guns out in three seconds or less.

If you don’t have any kids then it may be okay for you to have guns out that aren’t in a safe.

But, if you have kids or grandkids ever visit your home, then I wouldn’t leave guns lying around that aren’t locked up.

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