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Wedding cake or lead salad? Your choice.

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Carbo’s is a family-owned bakery that has operated in Cleveland for over 50 years. The bakery specializes in custom wedding cakes, pastries, and Italian cookies.

In 2020, Cleveland was one of many U.S. cities that experienced protests that turned violent.

Those who wanted to turn the protests into riots smashed windows and looted stores.

When the violent rioters made their way to Corbo’s Bakery they were met with resistance.

You see, rioters tried to force their way inside the bakery with bats and other weapons.

But the Carbo family met the rioters at the door with shotguns and told them they were not allowed inside.

Joe Carbo said, “We don’t want any trouble, we don’t want you guys in here damaging our property, we’re just protecting our business…”

We weren’t there to hurt anybody or cause a problem, we were just protecting our business,” said Co-owner Selena Corbo.

The rioters noticed the shotguns that were equipped with tactical accessories, and after breaking one large window the rioters moved on to another business.

Video of the incident showed the owners standing with their staff in the doorway. At least two members of the staff were armed with shotguns.

Sadly, businesses across downtown Cleveland were damaged during the protests. But the Carbo family made sure their store wasn’t one of them.

Now, when it comes to defending your house or business a lot of folks choose the AR-15. This makes sense since it holds 30 rounds.

But a shotgun is also a popular choice for one simple reason: power.

A 12-gauge shotgun is one of the hardest-hitting weapons you can use for home defense.

With a buckshot load, a shotgun will have a devastating effect.

But, like the men defending the bakery in Cleveland, if you want to get the most out of your shotgun there are some tactical accessories you can add.

Here are a few of the things I would add to your home defense shotgun.

Shell carrier:

The biggest downside to any shotgun is the amount of ammo it holds. But one way to fix this is to add a shell carrier to your shotgun.

It keeps spare ammo close by for when you need it most.

Shell carriers usually mount to the shotgun receiver and hold as many as eight shells. Depending on your shotgun this would mean you have around 14 or so shells.

This could make a big difference in a home defense situation. If you don’t want a carrier mounted to your receiver some versions mount to the buttstock of the rifle.

These are usually made of fabric and slide on or off. So, if you don’t like the shell carrier you can quickly remove it.

Consider shell carriers made by Mesa Tactical or Blackhawk.


Stock shotguns don’t usually have the best sights, so they are one of the most critical upgrades to do.

Ghost ring sights are the best choice for shotguns. They allow users to quickly acquire the target and are easier for transitioning from one threat to another.

Plus, ghost rings are typically more accurate than the standard sights that come on stock shotguns.

Consider sights from companies such as XS Sight Systems.

They offer sights with an adjustable rear aperture and tritium inserts. Plus, they are designed to prevent snagging the sights on gear.

Another option that is gaining popularity on shotguns is installing red-dot optics.

These are another great option but are also the most expensive. I would check out ones from Meprolight.


During a home invasion at night, you need to be able to see what you are shooting at. So, adding a light to your shotgun should be a priority.

With shotguns there isn’t a lot of room to mount a light, which means fewer options.

If you have a pump action shotgun, I would look at lights from SureFire.

They have a product called the DSF Series which replaces the forend with a built-in light. It integrates into the existing shotgun setup.

Another lighting option is adding a flashlight mount or rail to your shotgun. These install on the forend and typically have a sling mount.

I would consider brands such as Orion and CDM Gear.

The reason the shotgun is such a popular weapon is that it’s basic, and you shouldn’t go crazy with shotgun accessories.

These three are the best ones to consider. Beyond that, too many accessories can become more of a hindrance than a help.

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