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Mailbag Monday

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My neighborhood has seen an increase in bad guys using drones. They often check yards to see if there is anything of value. What should I do about drones?

-From Anna P.

Answer: This is happening around the country with many news reports about criminals using drones to look into homes or simply to see what someone has in their backyard.

The thing is, most states don’t have laws protecting your privacy from drones, but I imagine this will change soon.

With that being said, if you see a drone in your backyard or looking into your house it’s a bad idea to try and catch or shoot the drone because this is most likely illegal.

The best thing you can do is to get pictures of the drone, try to follow it until it lands, and call the police.


I have teenagers that get home from school a few minutes before I’m home from work. We leave a spare key outside under a fake rock. But I’ve heard stories lately that criminals look under doormats and other places for keys. What do you recommend?

-From Janice L.

Answer: The days of hiding a spare key under the front door mat are long gone and criminals know to look under planters and other obvious places.

With that being said, I would find a creative place to hide your key where nobody will ever look.

I am sure there is some crevice or spot in your front or backyard where nobody will ever look.

I know of one fellow who simply tapes a spare key underneath his car. He uses Gorilla tape so it stays on well.

I know another guy who tapes the key to his kids swing set where nobody can see it.


What handgun safe do you use for your home?

-From Roger H.

Answer: Since I have many guns stored throughout my home, I use a number of different safes.

One of the safes I would check out is the GunVault MicroVault MV500 and other safes made by GunVault.

I would also check out the safes made by Fort Knox and V-Line. I have a combination of digital safes (takes batteries) and simplex safes that don’t rely on batteries so I always have backups.


I moved into a new home last month and the previous owner left a hot tub. It holds about 500 gallons of water. During an emergency could I use the water from the hot tub for drinking?

-From Brian R.

Answer: I always recommend thinking of a pool or hot tub as a bonus water source, but not to 100% depend on it in an emergency.

What I mean is, a hot tub that is full of water and treated with chlorine can absolutely be used as drinking water if you use a filter.

However, I recommend having water stored in your home in 5-gallon or 7-gallon containers, which is the water you go to first.


I plan on bugging out to the mountains during an emergency. If I was forced to do this, how do I make a fire and cook food without someone being able to easily find me? The fire and smell of the food will give my position away.

-From Terry S.

Answer: While there’s no way to completely eliminate the smell of food when cooking, there are a few things to take into consideration.

First, avoid cooking foods with lots of spices, which can create a stronger smell.

Also, try not to cook when it’s really windy so the smell won’t travel as far.

Plus, use a small propane camping stove first, if possible.

There are also thermal cookers which is basically a plastic box you can cook inside of, however, these aren’t something you would probably have with you during an emergency situation.


What do you recommend for a survival or bug out vehicle? I’m looking to buy one to prepare in case I need to get out during a disaster.

-From Edgar M.

Answer: Depending on where you live, I would start with a 4X4. (I own multiple 4-wheel drive vehicles.)

I live in Southern Utah surrounded by mountains, so I need a 4X4 that can get me out of dodge. Even if it means driving on an old horse trail.

If you live anywhere with rough terrain, or winter weather, you need 4 wheel-drive.

At the end of the day, I would suggest a 4-wheel drive, half-ton vehicle such as a full-size pickup truck or SUV like a Chevy Suburban.

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