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Mailbag Monday

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What are your thoughts on digital investments such as crypto? Should I invest in these?

-From Casey W.

Answer: There is no question there are more risks when investing in digital currencies compared to traditional investments. The biggest risk with digital currencies is hacking.

Buying and selling digital currency is pretty easy, but storing the currency is where a lot of folks get hacked.

Also, as digital currencies become more popular there will likely be government regulations. This will increase as more people use digital currencies. Remember that digital currencies are still a new technology.

I recommend shoring up all your physical needs first (food storage, water storage, etc.) before investing in crypto. Also, only invest money you can afford to lose… like gambling in Vegas.


Last week I started teaching my two teenagers about guns. I took them shooting for the first time. They are both struggling with figuring out their dominant eye when aiming. How can I help them overcome this?

-From Phil L.

Answer: A lot of folks claim that shooting with both eyes open, especially at close distance, will give you the most accurate shot.

With that being said, any shooter is going to do what feels most comfortable and comes naturally to them, which often includes closing one eye.

About 80 percent of the world’s population is right-handed. However, about 65-70 percent of the population is right-eye dominant, with about 20-25 percent being left-eye dominant.

I shoot right-handed, but I am left eye dominant. So, I close my right eye when I shoot, whether I am shooting with my strong hand or weak hand.

To find out your dominant eye, do this eye test: Extend your arms out and form a triangle with your fingers. (Both hands are forming the triangle together.)

Center the triangle over a fixed object like a light switch and have both eyes open as you’re doing this.

Next, close your left eye. If the light switch (or other object) stays centered, you are right eye dominant. If the object is no longer in the middle of your triangle, you are left eye dominant.


I have been the victim of more than one cyber-attack. I know that my personal information is for sale on the Dark Web. What do I do about this?

-From Leslie L.

Answer: Many ID protection services claim to remove your information from the Dark Web. Yet, in reality, this is pointless.

Once data is posted for sale within the Dark Web, it is quickly copied and re-sold. My point is, by the time the company would detect your information it has already been compromised.

The best thing you can do is monitor your own information to catch any fraud. You should check your credit score regularly along with your bank and credit card statements.

Also, I recommend placing a credit freeze on your accounts with the three major credit bureaus. This should prevent anyone from opening new credit accounts with your information.


I regularly travel for work. I just purchased a bulletproof backpack for traveling. Do you know if I can take it on a plane? Can I go through airport security?

-From Jeff H.

Answer: According to the TSA, body armor is allowed in carry-on or checked bags. But, TSA screeners make the final decision on what is allowed.

I have traveled all over with my bulletproof bag and have never had a problem.


I’ve noticed that a lot of people like to wrap knife handles in special grip tape or even paracord. Is this a good idea?

-From Mac B.

Answer: There are a lot of reasons folks like to wrap knife handles. For instance, it can make the knife easier to grip and is less expensive than buying new handles to replace old ones.

Also, you can make the handle whatever color you want. Plus, you will always have paracord with you if you need to unwrap it in a survival situation.

The biggest drawback to wrapping your knife handle is that the tape or paracord will soak up moisture. This can make it difficult to handle.


My smartphone was recently hacked. I didn’t even know this was possible. My cell provider alerted me to usual activity on my phone. How can I stop this from happening in the future?

-From Tiffany R.

Answer: First, you need to get rid of your phone and get a new one. Some people recommend just doing a reset of your phone, which will erase everything but I personally wouldn’t risk it not working.

You may want to consider getting an untraceable phone such as one you can buy at WalMart.

No matter where you get your next phone you need to make sure it is password protected and that no one ever has access to your phone.

You should also download a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to your phone, which will help keep you safe when using the internet on your phone. This should keep your internet browsing secure and hopefully prevent any future hacking.

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