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Mailbag Monday

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Jason, I’m putting together my first bug out bag. What brand do you recommend for the bag? Any specific ones you like?

-From Jake T.

Answer: There are tons of different bug out bags on the market. The thing is many of them come from the same manufacturer but have different branding.

5.11 makes quality gear so I would give them a try. Whenever you buy a bug out bag the first thing you should do when you get it is to load it up with all your gear and go for a walk.

You want to test it right away to make sure it will hold all your bug out gear and that the zippers won’t fail or the bag won’t fall apart. Just make sure you buy quality no matter what you do.


Last week my wife and I were sitting at home discussing where we would like to go for dinner that evening. Shortly after, I was surfing the internet and was bombarded with ads for restaurants. Was my phone listening to our conversation?

-From Tim S.

Answer: This could just be a huge coincidence or something was listening. Phones can be turned into microphones to pick up conversations.

Also, if you have other electronics such as an Amazon Alexa these devices do listen all the time. They have to listen for the person to say the command word. Plus, a lot of people use the Alexa app on their phone or Siri.

My point is, these devices do listen and could lead to advertisers targeting you with specific ads.


Would you use a biometric safe? Which one would you recommend?

-From Orlando T.

Answer: No, I would never use these. I have seen them fail too many times. I’ve had customers who couldn’t get theirs open because their fingers were too sweaty or they had a bit of dirt on their hands.

I’ve tested them several times and they don’t always open. I’m still waiting for the technology to improve on the gun safes.


Thank you for the wonderful survival food. My family gave it a taste test and it was great. My question is, can you recommend a reliable portable stove to cook the food?

-From Jackie M.

Answer: I would check out the Coleman one-burner propane stove. This small stove provides 10,000 BTU’s of cooking power and can hold an 8” pan.

I would also check out the stoves made by Stansport, I own some of those.


I know it’s just a matter of time before we can no longer buy AR-15’s. I’m wanting to buy an AR-15 pistol before they are gone. What manufacturer would you buy from?

-From Reed T.

Answer: I recommend both Springfield Armory and Daniel Defense. Both companies make quality AR-15 pistols. You can’t go wrong with either.

If you’re looking for value and performance, the Springfield Saint is a good choice. There are different variations of the Saint AR-15 pistol but they start around $800.

Daniel Defense AR-15 pistols start around $1,500 but you are getting a quality firearm. I wouldn’t go with the cheapest pistol you can find. It won’t have the same durability as these two companies


Do you trust using fish medications? I know a lot of folks who buy antibiotics for fish but use them for humans. Is this a good idea?

-From Tina L.

Answer: Products such as fish mox are an antibiotic designed for fish that contains amoxicillin, which is an antibiotic regularly used to kill bacteria in humans and animals.

Basically, amoxicillin is one of the most commonly used antibiotics in controlling several different types of bacterial diseases.

​Many people believe that fish mox is similar to the amoxicillin a human would take. In other words, folks are buying fish mox for human consumption, since they don’t need a prescription, and don’t want to take the time or spend the money to see a doctor.

​Fish Mox can easily be purchased online without a prescription and it’s a popular way to add medications to your bug out bag or emergency supplies.

Remember, I’m not a doctor so I would definitely ask your doctor. But in an emergency situation, I would have no problem taking these if I had no other options.

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