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Mailbag Monday

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I’m a first-time gun owner. I’m confused by the options when it comes to ammunition. Can you tell me what practice ammo is? Where is the best place to buy ammo?

-From Judy T.

Answer: Training or practice ammo is usually a lead full metal jacket round. These are less expensive because the manufacturers produce them in millions.

Self-defense ammo is usually hollow points that expand in soft tissue causing more damage.

When it comes to training ammo, I would check out brands such as Federal or Blazer Brass. These are both good training ammo brands.

As for where to buy ammo, you might have the best luck at your local gun shop.

Right now, there is a continued ammo shortage. Most major retailers can’t keep ammo in stock.

I would ask your local stores when they expect to have ammo and show up the day it comes in.

If you want to try getting ammo online, you might want to check out Lucky Gunner and Bulk Ammo.


My wife and kids are always on social media. I know this isn’t going to stop but what are some tips I can give them to help keep them safe when using social media?

-From Bart M.

Answer: I personally don’t use social media much at all.

But I understand many people do so they can stay in touch with family and friends. With that being said, you need to exercise caution with what information you share on social media.

For example, I have a family member who constantly checks in on Facebook anytime she’s away from home. So, anyone can see when she is out to dinner or if she’s out shopping or on vacation.

All a criminal would need to do is wait until she checks in somewhere and then they could burglarize her home. So, never share where you are because you never know who could use this as an opportunity.

Second, always check your privacy settings and make sure you’re only sharing information with the people you want, such as those on your friends list.

Finally, don’t post your real birthday or where you went to school or those types of facts if you are using them in passwords (I hope you aren’t) because hackers can use that information to get into your accounts.


I live in a rural area with my wife and kids. The nearest neighbors are 45 minutes away. My problem is that there is nowhere to bug out to. If we camped, we would be easily seen. How can I bug out if I stick out? Any tips?

-From Randall P.

Answer: Where you live you may not need to bug out. You’re in great position compared to someone living in a big city.

However, if you do need to bug out, I would buy some cheap land within a 2-hour drive and put a shipping container on it. (Turn the shipping container into a cabin and it won’t look like a shipping container inside.)

But again, you’re in a great place compared to most people and I would focus more on being able to hunker down at your place for an extended period of time.


These days I know that everything we do online is being tracked. Advertisers know exactly what ads to target us with. How can I stop my internet activity from being tracked?

-From Julie L.

Answer: I recommend using a virtual private network (VPN) anytime you surf the internet. A VPN allows you to browse the internet anonymously for your privacy.

Also, I would use a private web browser such as TOR or Duck Duck Go.

Finally, use anti-virus software and make sure your computer is up to date with the latest software upgrades.


I have purchased knives from you and I love them. I know that knives can be used in self-defense but how hard is it to throw a knife at an attacker? Would you ever throw a knife if someone is charging at you?

-From Josh M.

Answer: Personally, I would almost never throw a knife at someone. A knife is designed for close-quarter self-defense. With that being said, there are specific knives that are made for throwing.

But, depending on where you live these knives could be illegal to carry.

In addition, unless you’ve spent years mastering the skill of throwing knives, they can be very difficult to use and something I would never recommend for someone who is new to knives.

Of course, I think everyone should carry some sort of knife on them for close quarters defense and for survival purposes. A knife in your hand is a lot deadlier than trying to throw it for 99.999% of people.


This fall all of my grandchildren will be attending college in different parts of the country. During a disaster, what is the best way to get them home? They don’t have cars so they can’t drive home.

-From Larry Z.

Answer: After a disaster or chaotic event public transportation will most likely be dangerous or ineffective as a way to travel. In other words, kids will likely be on their own until you can safely come pick them up.

For this reason, I recommend college kids having at least a bike so that they can get away even if it’s just a few miles from the incident.

The thing is, your grandkids should develop an escape plan including a safe place to go to that is near their college until someone can pick them up.

You also need to make sure they have a good amount of supplies to hunker down until you or their parents can reach them.

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