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Sneak attack: Russian spies on our border

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Russia’s spies are good at what they do. They use the cover of embassies and consulates to carry out their spying operations.

They also recruit Russian immigrants, create fake companies, and convince foreigners to spy for them.

Hector F. is a prominent Mexican scientist. In 2020, he was arrested at Miami International Airport while trying to return home to Mexico City.

It turns out Hector was leading a double life, with two families. He had a wife and family in Mexico, and a wife and family in Russia.

Before his arrest, Hector was caught following a vehicle into a Miami condominium and taking photos. The car belonged to a U.S. government asset.

The bizarre operation started when Hector visited his family in Russia in 2019.

At the time, he was approached by a Russian spy who said that he knew Hector was shopping for real estate in Miami.

The Russian told Hector, “We can help each other,” according to court records.

At the Russian spy’s direction, Hector went to Miami and rented an apartment in the same complex where a U.S. government source was living.

The person that Hector was supposed to spy on provided the U.S government with information about Russian intelligence activities.

Before his arrest, Hector was a hero in his hometown of El Espinal, Mexico. He was known for his scientific research work and for rebuilding homes in the area.

“He helped people and all this seems strange,” town Mayor Hazael Matus told the media.

Russia operates spies all over the world, but the country with the most Russian spies might surprise you.

It’s not America…

Instead, it’s Mexico.

Recently, U.S. Air Force General Glen VanHerck made the claim regarding Russian spies in Mexico. VanHerck is the commander of the U.S. Northern Command.

He told the Senate that “the largest portion of GRU members in the world is in Mexico right now.”

The GRU is Russia’s military-intelligence agency. The GRU has been accused of interfering in elections and carrying out assassinations.

The general spoke about his concern that Russia will continue to take advantage of the instability in Mexico caused by drug cartels.

The instability provides an opportunity for Russia to influence the region that borders the U.S.

But Mexico’s President said…

“We don’t go to Moscow to spy on anyone nor to Beijing to spy on what’s happening in China. Nor do we go to Washington, not even Los Angeles, we don’t get involved in that,” he said.

The reality is there are many Russians and those working on behalf of Russia operating in Mexico.

Considering this, here are a few ways these Russian spies can affect the U.S. when working in such proximity.

Border crossings:

It’s no secret that the U.S. has weak border security. Everyone knows this, including Russia.

In 2021, nearly two million migrants were caught illegally crossing the southern border. Who knows how many made it across without being caught.

Thus far in 2022, nearly 84% of those apprehended on the southern border were not Mexican citizens.

My point is, whether they are Mexican citizens or not, those working for Russia can easily cross the border into the U.S., which is a majority security issue.


Mexico is our largest goods trading partner with over $600 billion in total (two-way) goods trade. Our economies are very dependent on one another.

But Mexico has refused to impose economic sanctions against Russia.

The U.S. and its allies make up about 59% of the world’s economy. By comparison, Russia and its allies make up about 25% of the world’s economy.

Plus, Russia’s allies include some of the poorest countries such as Nicaragua and Venezuela.

Now, since the U.S. and Mexican economies are so intertwined, if Russia wanted to hurt the U.S. economy, it could start with Mexico.

Divided world:

The leaders of Mexico have refused to join the world’s sanctions against Russia. Mexico has not suspended military, cultural and sports agreements with Russia.

Politicians from Mexico created a “Mexico-Russia Friendship Committee” during the Mexican Congress.

At a ceremony for the committee, the Russian ambassador was given the podium to spread Russia’s lies.

In the post-Ukraine War era, there will be a divided world. One bloc of nations that support democracy, and the other bloc that supports Soviet-era rule.

Unfortunately, it looks like Mexico is headed in the wrong direction with its choice of allies. As a result, they are putting Russian spies right at our doorstep.

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