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Mailbag Monday

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I work in a business office complex. I’m usually the last employee to leave. When I leave the building there are often suspicious people charging their phones and such in the lobby. What can I do to protect myself if they bother me?

-From Amber T.

Answer: Don’t be staring at your cell phone and walk with confidence. Also, have some item in your hand for protection.

A tactical pen works great, but you can also carry your keys with one of the keys sticking out. I would also consider a stun gun flashlight, since you can walk out with a flashlight in your hand.


I have studied different martial arts for the past 20 years. My problem is that the skills I have learned would be useless during a terrorist attack or active shooter situation. What is the best way to react to these types of events?

-From Brandon M.

Answer: During an active shooter situation you have two choices. Run away from the danger or run toward the criminal and take him down.

This is not the magic answer that people want to hear, but every second costs lives, so you have to move in to disarm and tackle them.

If you carry a gun, use it on the criminal. And if you’re empty handed, I would use Paul Vunak’s Rapid Assault Tactics system.


I live in Las Vegas. In this town cars are getting broken into all the time. No matter how nice the neighborhood is. My car has had windows busted out twice. How can I better protect my car?

-From Erica W.

Answer: You should never leave anything in your car that could attract a thief. This includes any type of electronic charger or wires because the criminal might think the actual electronic is stored somewhere in the vehicle.

Plus, don’t forget that criminals like to steal stereos, so if you can remove the faceplate of the stereo that is a good idea.

You can also get a spotlight and put it in your front yard and have it focused on the car so the car is well lit up or put motion sensor lights around your vehicle.


I’m going on a three week vacation where I will be spending time at the beach and doing plenty of outdoor activities. I have a concealed weapons permit but I’m concerned about carrying my gun. What’s the best way to conceal a pistol when doing these types of activities?

-From Wade Y.

Answer: I like using a bellyband holster when doing outdoor activities, they work great for hiking.

Another option is pocket carry. If you pocket carry, you just need to make sure you have cargo shorts that can hold the gun. (Basketball shorts don’t work and the gun will drag your shorts down.)


I keep firearms in different rooms in my house. They are all stored in small individual safes. So if my grandkids come by there is no risk that they could get access to the guns. However, if someone broke into my home they could take all the safes. How do I stop this?

-From Donald R.

Answer: The key is to make sure each safe is secured to something permanent in your home. This can be done using a security cable or bolting the safe to something.

I have small rapid access safes like you, and they all allow me to secure them one way or another. (Most have holes in the bottom to secure down.)

If there is no security cable or way to bolt it down, then you need to hide them. You want to be able to access them quickly but make them hard for people to see.


I have installed a solar electric system in my home. Eventually, I plan on giving up my city provided electricity and running my entire home on solar power. My question is, if Russia hit us with nuclear bomb would the solar system still work?

-From Reggie M.

Answer: I know a lot of people are worried about the effects of an EMP from a nuclear bomb. The truth is, no one can say with 100% accuracy what items will be damaged or what will survive.

With that being said, solar panels themselves would most likely survive an EMP but the problem is the wires and other connections to the panels. I recommend using the best surge protector and wiring you can find.

Like I said, it’s impossible to say what will exactly happen to solar panels, but using quality wiring and connections will increase the chances that your solar panels will not be damaged.

But the biggest factor will be how close you are to the center of the explosion. The more distance there is the less likely you are to be affected.

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