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Mailbag Monday

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I respect your opinion. I’ve been pushing my husband for quite a while to buy a solar generator. In your opinion, is there one you favor?

-From Janice S.

Answer: The one that I own, they actually no longer make anymore. But there are still plenty of solid companies out there such as Goal Zero or Jackery or the Kohler enCUBE Portable Solar Generator.


Thank you for all your emails. I appreciate the detailed information. In the past, you’ve said that you sometimes carry a .380 auto as your concealed carry weapon? Isn’t this a small-caliber?

-From Luke T.

Answer: The majority of the time I carry a 9mm. The gun that I carry most often these days is a Sig Sauer P365 in my pocket. I have multiple carry guns because I love guns.

But yes, in the past, I have carried a .380 and it is still good for protection. Remember, bullet placement is what matters most and a .380 can certainly stop an attacker.


With Putin going off the deep end I’m worried about nuclear war. In the event of a nuclear strike and the need to bug out, what clothing is the best to protect us?

-From George T.

Answer: When it comes to clothes after a nuclear attack, I recommend a top layer of clothing that is made of waterproof fabric.

In other words, some type of synthetic fabric that has been treated with waterproofing materials is a good option.

This is sometimes done by clothing manufacturers but can also be done by you. The thing is, the fallout from an attack can weave through normal clothing and eventually make contact with your skin.

However, wearing waterproof fabric should help keep the fallout from getting through to your skin.


Because of where I live, owning a gun isn’t an option for me. But I am considering buying a baton like the ones used by police. These are collapsible and easy to put in my backpack. Do you think they are a good idea for self-defense?

-From Trish P.

Answer: Using a baton for self-defense is better than nothing. It can easily inflict pain. I would also consider a large knife or tomahawk or other weapon – these would be more for home defense.


I’m a single woman and live alone. I’m looking for a shotgun to buy. I think I will feel more comfortable with a .20 gauge. Is this good for home defense?

-From Natalie R.

Answer: When it comes to shotguns, a 20-gauge is a great choice for home defense.

A 20-gauge shotgun will be easier to handle, have less recoil and provide more than enough stopping power.

I would try and find someone who owns a .20 gauge to see if it’s the right fit for you. If you decide to buy one, I would check out the Remington 870 in .20 gauge.


Sadly, five years ago I lost my home in a fire. I have been slowly rebuilding since then. I’m to the point where I’m building up my guns and ammo again. My question is, what is the best way to store ammo so that it doesn’t become dangerous during a fire?

-From Frank M.

Answer: During a fire, ammo may explode, but without a gun containing the ammo, there’s nothing to direct the pressures created by the cartridge igniting.

The popping noise people hear when ammunition is burning is usually not the bullet flying around, but is the cartridge burning, regardless of what we may have seen in the movies.

So, you’re in a lot less danger than you think you are. In the best-case scenario, you would store ammo in a fireproof safe.

However, if you have a huge stockpile of ammo this may not be feasible. In that case, I would suggest a cool, dry location.

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