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Mailbag Monday

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Would you ever order food from a delivery service such as UberEats or DoorDash? Are they safe?

-From Aaron T.

Answer: I would never do this only because I never have anything delivered to my house. I don’t want my home address in any of their systems. I want to make sure nobody knows where I live because there are too many crazies out there.


I have a concealed carry permit. I know that I’m not allowed to carry my gun into government buildings. But can businesses post signs that say weapons are not allowed? How can they do this? Isn’t it my 2nd Amendment right to carry?

-From Jake R.

Answer: In the context of gun laws, most states allow business owners to enforce their own policy regarding the carrying of guns on business premises.

Remember, I’m not a lawyer, but a business such as Wal-Mart is considered private property, therefore they have the right to ban people from carrying guns on their property.

Basically, it’s just like if your friend came to your house with a gun on his hip and you didn’t want him to bring it in, you have the right to tell him to leave since it’s your property.

Of course, if you’re carrying concealed, these businesses will never know you have a gun and I will neither confirm nor deny that I just ignore those businesses signs.


If I wrap a sheet of aluminum foil around my wallet will this prevent thieves from using radio frequencies to steal my credit card number?

-From Joan W.

Answer: If you wrapped each individual card in foil, then yes, this would disrupt any frequencies.

The reason I prefer an RFID blocking card is because they have a chip inside them that basically blocks the frequencies nearby.

In other words, you don’t need to have a blocking card for each individual credit card. I think it would be a hassle to remove foil each time I wanted to use a card.


Everyone says AR-15’s are great guns. I couldn’t agree more. My concern is shooting an AR-15 inside my home in a self-defense situation. Would this cause hearing damage to myself and family?

-From Harry T.

Answer: In a life-or-death situation, putting on hearing protection or even worrying about it, is the least of my worries. My number one priority is stopping the intruder and protecting my family.

Shooting a few rounds from an AR-15 is not going to cause any serious damage. If you did it daily, that would certainly not be a good idea.

But, if you get in a gunfight in your house, you will be fine. (You can also do research on the auditory exclusion that happens during tense situations.)


My neighbor was the victim of a burglary. The scary thing is that the same house was burglarized about a month ago as well. The police think the same burglars committed both burglaries. Why do criminals come back to the same house?

-From Russ M.

Answer: Unfortunately, criminals will often return to the scene of their crime. This is especially true for burglars, because once they know the layout of a house they can plan ahead and know exactly where to go.

Also, if they wait a month or so they know that the victims have likely replaced the items that were stolen. In other words, they can do it again.

Plus, they know things about you such as if you have high quality TV’s or if you like expensive jewelry. This is why you must have an alarm system, cameras, motion sensor lights, a gun or a dog.


For the next month my family will be living in a hotel room. We had a house fire and are thankful to be alive. My question is, do you let maid services come into your hotel room each day? Do you trust them?

-From Caitlyn T.

Answer: I’m glad to hear that you and your family are okay.

Regarding your question, it all depends on where I am and what I am doing. If I’m overseas, I don’t have maid service. If I’m here in the states and in a hotel for several days, then I will.

However, I don’t leave anything in the hotel room that could be compromised. So, no cell phone, no computer, no tablet.

You should assume that someone could always enter your room, which is why no valuables are ever left.

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