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Weapons of the Wells Fargo “kill squad”

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In the Old West, people who wanted to transport money or valuables often used Wells Fargo & Co.

The company had a reputation for making security a priority, and their stagecoaches carried silver, gold, and other valuables from one location to another.

The valuables were secured inside an iron safe in the stagecoach.

But despite these safes, attempted robberies were common.

To combat these attempts, the company hired armed guards to sit up front with drivers and “ride shotgun” to guard the valuables.

These guards often carried double-barreled shotguns, also called coach guns.

The coach gun toting guards were highly successful in securing the Wells Fargo transports.

But what about today? Are coach guns still a valuable tool for safety, security, and self-defense these days?

Here are a few things to consider…

Are coach guns a good idea?

The biggest advantage to a coach gun is that it gives you the ability to take two quick shots because there is no need to rack the shotgun for your second shot.

So, if you miss with your first shot you can immediately take your second shot.

Most coach guns can be assembled and loaded in about 10 seconds.

You could even fit a disassembled coach gun in something as small as a briefcase.

Coach guns tend to be more reliable than other shotguns.

That’s because most double-barrel shotguns have two independent ignition systems.

Which means that if one part of the shotgun fails, it could still operate as a single shot.

Drawbacks to coach guns:

The most obvious drawback to a coach gun is that you only have two shots before you need to reload.

Now, if you practice with the shotgun, you can get quick with reloads, but still, two shots are all you have to start with.

Another problem with coach guns is that they aren’t as popular as other types of shotguns.

This means there aren’t as many accessories available, and adding things like tactical lights could be difficult.

Also, coach guns are more complex than other shotguns. For instance, you have to regulate both barrels to get the same results.

Which could mean constantly needing to tweak the barrels… and coach guns are not easy to work on. They often need the skills of a gunsmith.

But there is no denying the cool factor of a coach gun.

So, if you are interested in trying one out for hunting or target shooting, here are a few to consider.


This company makes about 15 different models of coach guns, in both 12 and 20 gauge. All of the shotguns have a 20-inch barrel.

The Stoeger Double Defense is one of the most popular models.

The Double Defense has black synthetic furniture and tactical features such as optic and accessory rails. The shotgun has two Picatinny rail accessory mounts.

It is one of the few coach guns that looks very modern, and has room for accessories.

CZ Hammer Coach:

This 12-gauge shotgun features two functioning external hammers. It has a double trigger system, one for each 20-inch barrel.

Despite the double barrels, the Coach weighs 6.7 pounds.

The shotgun has an overall length of 38 inches, but it breaks down for easy transport.

The barrels have a gloss black chrome finish and it has a walnut stock.

The 12-gauge chambers 3’’ shells and has a fixed cylinder.

Cimarron 1878 Coach Gun:

Cimarron has built a reputation for making quality reproduction firearms from the Old West.

The 1878 Coach Gun is no exception.

This shotgun can handle 3-inch shotshells and has a pistol grip stock.

It comes with 20-inch blued barrels and has exposed side hammers, and it has a fixed-cylinder choke and an American walnut stock.

The 1878 weighs 8 lbs.

For home defense, a coach gun might not be the best option since you only have two shots.

But a coach gun can be fun to shoot and is a good option for hunting.

If your game doesn’t go down with the first shot you can quickly follow with another round.

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