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Mailbag Monday

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For Christmas I got my entire family bulletproof backpacks/handbags. My question is, can I make it through airport security and fly with these bags?

-From Ted R.

Answer: According to the TSA, body armor is allowed in carry-on or checked bags.

Also, I have flown for years with a bulletproof bag and I have never had a problem. (TSA doesn’t even recognize it and I have never been asked about it.)


Do you recommend owning different types of guns from different manufacturers? Or is it better to find a brand you like and buy all the same brand firearms?

-From Lance T.

Answer: It all depends on how much you train. For most people, the better option will be to find a brand you like and buy all the same brand since the controls will be the same (like on a Glock.)

But, if you are going to spend the time to train on multiple guns, then get as many different types of guns as you wish.


With all the different types of available lights and varying methods of attaching them to firearms, which is your favorite way to attach them?

-From Donald S.

Answer: The best answer to the question is whatever method you train with.

For instance, some people like to hold their handgun in one hand, and a flashlight in the other. There is nothing wrong with this technique as long as you train this way.

I personally use a handgun for home defense and I attach a laser/light combination to it. The one I use is made by Viridian and it attaches to a rail underneath.

I also have lights made by SureFire that attach to the rail of my gun.


My daughter is a college athlete. When she is home visiting, she stays active and often goes for runs. I’m worried about her safety while she is jogging. She wears headphones and isn’t the best at being aware. Any suggestions to keep her safe?

-From Kelly M.

Answer: I have 3 daughters and I would be worried to. First, I would try to talk her out of wearing the headphones, it’s just not a good idea at all.

Second, I would have her carry a tactical pen or a small stun gun flashlight.

Lastly, make sure she doesn’t run on secluded trails. (I realize all of this is easier said than done trying to convince a college kid of this.)


I think my ex-husband has put a tracking device on my car. The device is so small that I have no clue where it is. Any tips for figuring out where on the car the tracking is hidden?

-From Megan H.

Answer: You are 100% right that these can be incredibly small.

First, I would check areas of your vehicle that are easy to access or hide a tracker. Look in places such as the gas door or see if it’s been taped up under the wheel well.

Also, pop the hood and check the engine area.

If you still can’t find it, I would consider contacting a private investigator or security company. Ask them if they can sweep your vehicle for GPS trackers.

This won’t be cheap. But they should have the technology to pick up the signal from the tracker and find exactly where it is hidden.


What secure encrypted flash drive do you recommend for docs?

-From Beth Z.

Answer: I use the IronKey flash drive, which has military-grade encryption.

The encryption and password verification are performed in the hardware. This means it can’t be disabled by viruses or other cyber-attacks.

The exterior of the flash drive is rugged and waterproof. It’s also tamper-resistant.

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