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Mailbag Monday

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Do you wear tactical gloves? Why or why not?

-From James P.

Answer: I almost never wear tactical gloves unless it is absolutely freezing outside. The reason I don’t wear them often, is that I always shoot better without my gloves.


Last month I started investing in digital currencies. But I’m worried that these are easy to hack. Or that they can be stolen if the electrical grid went down. Is it safe to invest in digital currencies?

-From Calvin R.

Answer: There is no question there are more risks when investing in digital currencies compared to traditional investments.

The biggest risk with digital currencies in hacking. Buying and selling digital currency is pretty easy, but storing the currency is where a lot of folks get hacked.

Also, as digital currencies become more popular there will likely be government regulations. This will increase as more people use digital currencies. Remember that digital currencies are still very new technology.

Bottom line, there’s lots of risk and you have to have the stomach for it.


A few weeks ago, I purchased my first firearm. It’s a Sig Sauer with an external thumb safety. Is it okay to carry my pistol with the safety off? I’m having trouble switching it on and off during training.

-From Justin R.

Answer: I never recommend carrying a firearm with the safety off. If a gun has a manual safety, you should train to switch the safety off.

You should practice enough to the point that you can switch the safety off as you draw the weapon.

In a self-defense shooting every second counts and this is why manipulating the safety should be ingrained into your draw. It shouldn’t slow you down at all.

If a weapon has a manual safety, always use it. It’s there for safety, which should always be your number one priority.


Can hackers get into satellite phones like they do with regular smartphones?

-From Anne C.

Answer: Satellite phones can be hacked. But, it is a lot less likely to happen compared to regular smartphones.

Sat phones have limited capabilities. This means there are less ways for hackers to hack their way in. Sat phones don’t have app stores.

Typically, they can make phone calls and send texts. But that is about it.

Plus, hackers focus on things that make them the most money. There are a lot more smartphone users than satellite phone users.

My point is, it’s not worth the time for hackers to target sat phones. But it could happen.


Can I legally reload ammunition? Do I need any type of federal or state permit? I want to do everything by the book.

-From George Q.

Answer: Federal law says a person must be a licensed manufacturer if they engage in the business of selling or distributing reloaded ammo for livelihood or profit.

But, if they reload only for personal use they don’t need a license.

So, if you sell reloaded ammo, it would be illegal. You can’t sell your reloaded ammo online or even at a gun show unless you are a licensed manufacturer.

Reloading your own ammo can be a huge money saver. Especially with the current ammo shortage. But, make sure you follow the laws. Consult a local attorney to ask if there are any laws in your state related to reloading ammo.


It has always been my retirement plan to travel the country. Last month I retired and I will soon be traveling the U.S. in a very small RV. Space is limited and I don’t have room for survival items. Also, I don’t have a home base to store things. Any idea how to be prepared?

-From Beth B.

Answer: Well, my first answer would be to make room any way that you can. At an absolute minimum, you need to have a 72-hour kit.

I also know folks that have rented small storage units throughout the country and have gear stored there, which is not a bad idea.

But I really would make the room for the few critical items like a water filter, large knife, survival food, etc.

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