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Mailbag Monday

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In the past you’ve mentioned that you like Sig Sauer pistols. Which models are your favorite for concealed carry purposes?

-From Jake P. 

Answer: My personal choice is the P365, which is chambered in 9mm. I carry this gun all the time in my pocket.


I live in New York City. With the way our world is going I have become more concerned about my personal safety. I have no law enforcement or military training. But I would like to get started in some form of martial arts. What do you recommend?

-From Rebecca R.

Answer: Paul Vunak’s Rapid Assault Tactics is great and Krav Maga is also an option since you will likely have a Krav Maga school in your area.


Last year I purchased my first handgun. I have been to the shooting range about once a month to work on my skills. I know I need to lube the gun but I don’t know how. Where do I put the oil on a gun?

-From Jaime M.

Answer: I recommend you lubricate almost every metal part of the handgun, especially if you see signs of wear and contact spots. (Especially lube the rails and around the barrel.)

With that being said, excessive oil attracts a lot of dirt, dust, grit, unburned powder, and carbon fouling. Typically, only one drop of lube per an area smeared around is sufficient.

Usually, I lube my guns on a regular basis, especially before shooting if it’s been a while since it was last used.


There is so much talk about water purification. I know that water is the key to survival. But why can’t I just boil my water before drinking it if I think it’s contaminated? Isn’t this what you see on the news when governments order boil advisories?

-From Rachel N.

Answer: Boiling water is an age-old method to attempt to make water safe to drink. The reason is because bacteria and parasites are eliminated at boiling temperatures.

With that being said, boiling water cannot remove chemical contaminants or heavy metals.

In fact, some scientists have argued that by boiling tap water, you are only making it denser in contaminants.

At present, there are water filters on the market with the capability of removing bacteria, heavy metals and other contaminants.

My point is, it’s better to filter tap water with a high-quality water filter. It’s also faster and easier.

​Of course, if you have no filter and your only option is to boil the water, it’s better than doing nothing.


I’m interested in buying an AR-15 pistol. I have done some research. What brand do you recommend?

-From Tony L.

Answer: There are several companies that make good AR pistols. A few to check out are Daniel Defense, Springfield and Sig Sauer.


Part of my winter survival plan is cooking and heating with propane. I have a good stockpile of propane canisters of all different sizes. What is the best way to store the propane?

-From Jose B.

Answer: Propane is a very effective fuel source for firing up the grill or keeping your home heated.

Unlike kerosene or gasoline, propane has no expiration date. Nor will it become less powerful while being stored.

I store all of my propane in a shed in my backyard. So, don’t store it in your house, store it in a shed somewhere.

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