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Mailbag Monday

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Last week I learned that my cell service provider sells my personal information to other companies. They do this for advertising purposes. But it scares me because my cell company probably knows everything about my life and my habits. Is there a way to prevent this?

-From Heather G.

Answer: The problem is when you first signed up for your cell plan you probably agreed to typical data-sharing policies that are buried within pages and pages of privacy policies and terms of agreements.

The first thing you should do is contact your cell provider and tell them you want to opt-out of any and all sharing of your personal information or data.

​Next, you should consider turning off the GPS or location data on your cell. This is one of the many ways cell companies learn your habits for advertising purposes.

​Lastly, I would install a virtual private network (VPN) application on your cell phone. This will prevent the company from tracking your location.


I am putting together a lock pick tool bag. It has become a hobby for me and I enjoy showing it. I added a pair of auto jigglers to my bag. But what do I do if I’m ever questioned by law enforcement? If I purchase these tools online will the government know I have them?

-From Brandon P.

Answer: To be clear, I wouldn’t advise breaking the law to obtain any of these types of items.

With that being said, depending on where you live, auto jiggler keys are completely legal to own and there is nothing wrong with buying them online.

If you are buying these types of items online, I recommend having them shipped to a P.O. Box or UPS store box. I wouldn’t have any mail or packages sent directly to your home address.


What are your thoughts on knives that are made of fabricated carbon including the blade?

-From Xavier T.

Answer: All of the knives I own are made out of some type of steel.

The thing is, you can find some carbon fiber blades, but it is not a very common material.

Basically, carbon fiber is less durable than steel, so even though it can be used for knife handles, as a blade it will wear down very quickly and easily when used for cutting or slicing.

I would be very cautious when buying a carbon fiber blade as this is not something you would want to depend on in a survival situation. They may be perfect for the kitchen, but not when your life is on the line.


Before the pandemic I sort of went on an ammo spending spree. I purchased thousands of rounds. I realize I went overboard and I want to sell some. Is it legal for me to sell ammo?

-Austin M.

Answer: In most states you do not need a license to buy and sell ammo as long as you’re not manufacturing the ammo yourself.

According to the ATF, “A license is not required for a dealer in ammunition. However, a license is required to manufacture or import ammunition.”

So, as long as you are not importing the ammo from another country, or making the ammo yourself, you should be completely fine.

A few states such as NY do require an FFL to sell ammo. So, I would check with your state laws before selling any.

But I would not sell any ammo if I were you… you’ll likely come to regret it one day. I have thousands of rounds myself, and I will never sell any ammo.


After watching all your videos, I am putting together an escape kit. I have included bobby pins, hair barrettes, and a handcuff key. But I was wondering if it is legal to carry a handcuff key?

-From Larry K.

Answer: There are no specific federal laws restricting ownership of handcuff keys.

However, some jurisdictions have restrictions on people who have been convicted of crimes carrying them.

In other words, if you’ve been convicted of a felony, or have a lengthy criminal history, you may not want to carry a handcuff key in case you are stopped by police.

The best thing to do is to check your local laws regarding carrying handcuff keys.


Is there a way to call someone using someone else’s number? I have been getting a lot of calls where when I call back the number has been disconnected.

-From Lindsey T.

Answer: Unfortunately, this is a common way that scammers will trick you into answering their calls. There are multiple apps that can be used to spoof a number.

Essentially, someone can call you and make any number they want appear on the caller ID. For example, I once received a call from my own number.

In other words, the phone in my hand looked like it was calling itself, which obviously isn’t possible. However, it’s very tempting to answer the call since you want to know who it is.

Personally, I only answer calls from numbers I know. If it is someone that really needs to get a hold of me, they will leave a message and I will call them back.

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