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Mailbag Monday

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I’m a big fan of all your work. I’ve learned a tremendous amount of skills from your videos. But I’ve noticed that you don’t have lasers on your guns? Why don’t you use lasers for shooting?

-From Liam T.

Answer: I do have a laser on my home defense gun. (A Viridian) The thing about lasers on guns is that people become overly dependent on them. What I mean is, lasers can be a great accessory that help you shoot accurately.

However, lasers are battery operated, meaning they can easily fail.

So, I think lasers are great and go ahead and get one, but make sure you still practice using your iron sights.


I am completely new to guns. I went to the shooting range for the first time last week. I’m exploring buying my first gun. I’m left-handed. What gun do you recommend for lefty’s?

-From Brett M.

Answer: For new shooters, I recommend trying a Glock. More specifically, I like the Glock 19. Overall, Glocks are a great gun for beginners and the 19 is a good compact size frame.

My wife and I each own a Glock 19 and they can be used for concealed carry or home defense.

Also, Glocks have internal safeties. So, there’s no fumbling around to switch an external safety designed for a right-handed shooter.

Nearly any Glock can be used with either hand. A left-handed shooter just needs to get used to triggering the slide release and magazine release with either hand.

However, before buying any gun, make sure you go to a shooting range and rent it first.


My husband and I live in a senior community. We both move slowly and won’t be running to bug out. We sold our vehicle because we don’t drive anymore. What should we do when disaster hits?

-From Teresa T.

Answer: In my opinion, sheltering in place is always the best option and bugging out comes secondary. So, I would recommend building up at least 30 days of food and water storage in your home.

This would hopefully provide enough time until help arrived. In addition, I would do anything possible to reinforce the home from criminals and natural disasters.

Again, I understand that this might not be easy but I would reinforce the doors and have plywood ready to cover the windows if needed.

Of course, if possible, have a firearm so that if someone tries to kick down the door, you can defend yourselves.


With life getting back to normal my kids want to go to a concert. I’m nervous because of the recent deaths at the concert in Houston. In the event of something similar happening what is the best thing to do? Do we run or wait for police to clear the area?

-From Hank L.

Answer: When you enter the concert area make a mental note of the exits. If possible, try to stay somewhat close to one of the exits. Ideally, the one that would be least likely to be used by others.

Also, stay away from fencing or barricades. You don’t want to get smashed up against them.

Finally, stay on your feet. Many people who die in crowds fall and get trapped or suffocate. No matter what, stay on your feet and move away.

I know this all is easier said than done, but if you stay around the perimeter of the concert venue and keep an eye on the exit, you’ll be much better off. Those in the middle or close up front will be in the most danger.


My ex-husband is stalking me. We’ve been divorced for about a year and he lost his job last month. He has been acting irrational and doing strange things. I caught him following me home about a dozen times. What should I do?

-From Allison R.

Answer: Having a stalker can be incredibly scary and it’s something you should always take seriously.

First, if you have a stalker NEVER respond to them. As much as you want to yell and cuss them out, the more you respond the more they will bother you.

Next, tell everyone you know that you have a stalker. You want all your friends and family to be on the lookout for you and let you know if your ex tries to contact them for any information.

Plus, don’t forget to arm yourself with some type of weapon in case he tries to physically harm you. This could be a firearm, stun-gun, or even a tactical pen but make sure you have a way to defend yourself.

Always be aware of your surroundings and use good situational awareness so you can hopefully avoid him.

And keep track of everything he does by writing it down and recording it. Create a paper trail that you can go to police with.


Thanks for all your incredible information! I started a new job last month that requires that I travel to California once a month. I have a concealed carry permit for the surrounding states but not California. I know it’s hard but is there any way to get a California permit?

-From Craig R.

Answer: It’s very difficult to get a concealed carry permit in California and one of the many requirements to obtain one is that you must be a resident of the state.

In addition, California does not recognize any other states permit, therefore your other permits would be worthless when traveling in California.

Plus, when driving in California, handguns must be stored unloaded in the trunk, vehicle storage compartment or in a locked gun case.

Unfortunately, California makes it nearly impossible for citizens to get a concealed firearm permit, which is why many people commonly refer to it as “Commiefornia.”

I would leave your gun at home when you travel there. But take another tool for self-defense such as a tactical pen or knife.

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