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Mailbag Monday

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My wife and I have decided to install a DIY security camera system. The whole system connects to our Wi-Fi so we can monitor things in real-time. But, how do I protect the cameras from being hacked?

-From Kelly T.

Answer: These days, any electronic device that connects to the internet can be susceptible to hacking.

Personally, I’m not a fan of having security cameras inside your home since the last thing you want is some weirdo watching your family.

On the other hand, I have security cameras covering every inch of the outside of my home in case someone comes by to do something bad. (My large cameras that are all around my house are not connected to the Internet, they are hard-wired.)

Since your cameras connect to Wi-Fi, you can install a VPN (virtual private network) on your router to help protect these cameras and that’s what I’d do if I were you.


My neighbor and I are looking to buy two-way radios so we can communicate during a disaster. We plan on bugging out together if forced to evacuate. What radio do you recommend? What batteries are best?

-From Larry O.

Answer: The radio I use is the Baofeng UV-5R. I have the 2nd generation model, but they have newer models that are very similar.

This comes with a programming cable so it can be used to connect the radio to your computer to input all the frequencies into the radio instead of doing it manually. This would be a good idea if you plan on using the Baofeng as a ham radio.

As for batteries, it uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and comes with a charging base. Battery life will depend on usage, but I can use mine for about two full days before needing to recharge.

Lastly, if you are considering buying this radio it can also be used as a HAM radio. But, you would need the proper license to use it that way.


I live in a two-story home. If someone breaks into my home during the night and they are rummaging through things downstairs, should I still confront them with my gun?

My life isn’t in immediate danger if they are downstairs. But, what if they charged up the stairs towards me?

-From Todd T.

Answer: Here’s what I’d do if it were me. I would go to the top of the stairs and yell that I have a gun and to get out of my house. If the intruder didn’t leave and was foolish enough to rush up the stairs at me, then I would definitely fire my gun to protect myself.


I believe my ex-husband is stalking me. When he moved out I changed the locks on the home. But, he is a former locksmith and I think he is picking the locks and coming inside when I’m gone. Is there anyway to tell if my locks have been picked?

-From Rebecca P.

Answer: There is a possibility you would be able see signs that the lock has been picked. But, this is more likely when you are dealing with an inexperienced lock picker.

What I mean is, when you pick a lock once, there isn’t typically damage to the lock, unless the person really didn’t know what they were doing and damaged the lock.

Usually, a lock would have to be picked many times for it to sustain any damage.

But, a few signs you should look for are tiny scratch marks and exposed metal around the keyhole.

But since your ex-husband is experienced picking locks, I would use other measures to see if he’s been there. Put a piece of tape across the doors and see if it is broken when you come back. Use clear tape at the bottom of the door or top of the door that he won’t notice.


Would it be a good idea to use an above ground swimming pool as a water source during an emergency? My pool holds about 5,000 gallons. It’s outside but is always covered.

-From Charles T.

Answer: You could potentially use your pool for drinking water, but there are a lot of different variables to take into consideration.

For instance, I would only do this from your pool, so that you know exactly how the pool was maintained and what chemicals were used to keep the pool clean.

Another thing is, during a disaster, you would need to make sure you continue to maintain the pool, so that the water doesn’t start to go bad since it’s sitting in the heat with no care.

Lastly, I would only drink from the pool using a quality water filter.


Like the rest of America I am having trouble finding guns to buy. But, I have found someone selling their Glock online. Is it legal to buy a gun online from a private seller in another state?

-From Edwin D.

Answer: If you and the seller live in different states, they cannot ship the firearm directly to you. This is a violation of federal law and if the firearm is discovered it would be a big deal.

The best thing to do is for the seller to go to a local FFL dealer and have them ship the firearm to an FFL dealer in your state. Basically, the two gun stores would do the transaction.

Any reputable gun store in their area should be able to do this. Gun stores typically charge $25 to $50 for this service, and in some states the buyer will have to pay sales tax.

Also, by doing it this way the seller’s gun store should be able to check out the firearm and make sure its not stolen.

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