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Mailbag Monday

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What is the best way to defend yourself if you awake and an intruder, a male, is standing over your bed in the middle of the night?

-From Allison E.

Answer: If someone is standing over you, they aren’t there to burglarize your home. They are there to hurt you.

For this reason, you need to immediately fight back. I recommend keeping a gun or some type of weapon secured in your nightstand. Try to grab a weapon to defend yourself.

If you have no time to get to a weapon you should strike the intruder in the eyes and groin area. You want to hit them where it hurts.

Also, yell at the intruder to get out. If you are yelling you will hopefully wake someone up who can help you or call the police.

The key is to fight back. Never give up. And again, strike the vulnerable areas- a good poke to the eyes, punch to the throat and punch to the groin will do wonders.


What are the advantages bullpup shotguns have over other tactical shotguns?

-From Carl C.

Answer: The biggest advantage to bullpup shotguns is that they are shorter than other shotguns with similar barrel lengths. Some shooters feel that bullpups are easier to maneuver since they are lighter and shorter.

Another thing is that bullpups are faster to your shoulder. What I mean is, the reduced weight and length mean you can get the shotgun up to the target quicker compared to other typical shotguns.

Overall, bullpup shotguns are easier to carry and handle for long periods of time.


I’m new to gun ownership. I recently purchased a fireproof gun safe to store my gun and important documents. Will a fire-proof safe also work as a Faraday Cage in the event of an EMP attack?

-From Kerry P.

Answer: Depending on the specific fireproof safe, there is a chance it could work, but I wouldn’t count on it.

You see, many fireproof safes are actually designed with seals that expand when heated.

In other words, these seals aren’t as tight as they would need to be to work as a Faraday cage.

Another problem is that if your safe has an electronic lock it will probably be damaged and won’t be able to open after an EMP attack.


With the current state of affairs in our country I purchased my first gun. It is a Remington 870 shotgun. Which ammunition do you recommend for home defense?

-From Randy R.

Answer: I use 00 buck (double-ought buckshot) for home defense. Federal and Winchester make solid shells. The most important factor is that you want a round with stopping power.

It’s estimated that a single 00 buck shell can convey as much force as 10-15 .380 handgun rounds at close range. That’s a lot of stoppage from a single shot, making shotguns great for home defense.

I know some people say birdshot, but that is not a good idea. It doesn’t have enough power to stop a threat. Birdshot will only make them a very angry home intruder.


I’m interested in purchasing my first gun. I live alone and I’m a senior. But, I’m physically able to handle both a shotgun and rifle. If you had to choose one for home defense, would you rather have a shotgun or rifle?

-From Pamela R.

Answer: You could ask 10 people what the best gun for home defense is and you could get 10 different answers. The best gun is the gun you are most comfortable shooting.

The biggest advantage to the rifle will be the increased round capacity, since you never want to run out of rounds in a home defense situation.

If you decide to get a rifle I would definitely go with an AR-15.

If I were you, I would go shooting with someone that owns both an AR-15 and a shotgun, and see which one you like the best. (If you do get a shotgun, I recommend the Remington 870.)


Is there a way to put a tracking device on the gun itself?

-From Ian M.

Answer: GPS trackers are so tiny you can pretty much attach them to anything. Some attach like a sticker, others attach via a keychain.

I personally wouldn’t attach a tracker to a firearm because I would never want it to accidentally get in the way when I need to use the firearm.

What I mean is, in a self-defense shooting prosecutors will examine every aspect of your gun and try to find something to use against you.

They could argue that the tracker affected the gun or your ability somehow. (Yes, this is a stretch but that is what they do.)

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