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One day, two Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officers responded to the home of a man who was having a mental illness issue.

The man’s sister had called police saying that he hadn’t slept in days and was threatening to kill himself.

The sister had left the home to call police because she was scared and there were guns inside the home.

At first, the two officers knocked on the front door of the home to speak with the man.

The officers looked through a window and saw the man walking toward the door with a rifle pointed at them.

One of the officers yelled, “Gun,” and both officers ran away from the front door.

The suspect followed them and went outside with the rifle in a shooting position. Body-camera video showed the suspect pointing the rifle at officers as they ran for cover.

The officers ran in different directions.

One of them was able to seek protection behind a vehicle.

When the officer looked back at the suspect, he witnessed him pointing the rifle at the other officer.

The officer behind the car fired a single shot from about 75-feet away. He believed that if he did not stop the suspect his fellow officer would have been shot.

The suspect with the gun was shot in the middle of his back. He died as a result of his injuries.

According to the District Attorney report, the sister of the suspect was screaming at officers, “Please don’t shoot him, don’t kill him, he’s just being crazy.”

An attorney representing one of the officers said, “That gun doesn’t have mental health issues, the person may have but he still has a firearm, and if the family knew that, my question would be why didn’t they secure the weapon.”

The two police officers were found to be justified in their actions.

One thing that sets this shooting apart was that the officer stopped the threat with a single shot, from a long distance.

The suspect was carrying a rifle but, they were able to stop him before any innocent lives were taken.

One of the most important factors when shooting from that far is using quality sights on your pistol.

Pistol sights come in all shapes and sizes.

There are a ton of brands to choose from. Plus, you can get sights for different needs such as competitive shooting or hunting.

But what style of sights is best for your everyday carry weapon?

Here are the three quality sights to consider for your everyday carry pistol:

Iron sights:

The three-dot iron sight design is ideal for your EDC gun. They are inexpensive, but effective in a self-defense situation.

Iron sights don’t need batteries and are usually lighter compared to other sights.

Also, you don’t have to worry about them getting wet or fogging up in bad weather.

These are huge factors when it comes to your EDC pistol as you may have to defend yourself in a downpour.

Plus, iron sights are less likely to get bumped off their settings. They are more durable.

Many soldiers who operate in jungle environments prefer iron sights because they can withstand harsh conditions.

Fiber optic sights:

Fiber optic sights are extremely effective for daylight shooting.

Fiber optic sights glow from large amounts of ambient light. This makes it easy to see with the human eye.

The brighter the ambient light, the easier it is to see the sights.

The problem is this can be a problem at night. What I mean is, these sights depend on light. If there is no light it can be hard to see your sight.

If you choose fiber optics for your EDC pistol, make sure you also carry a flashlight since you need a light source at night.

If you decide to add a fiber-optic sight, you may wish to check out brands such as Trijicon and TruGlo.

Night sights:

Night sights are designed for shooting in the dark, and they glow in the dark.

The night sights work by using a material called Tritium.

They often have luminescent white circles around the sight. Night sights allow you to see in the dark without using a light source to give away your position.

The biggest drawback to night sights is that they don’t provide any advantage in daylight.

In other words, they are pretty much the opposite of fiber optics.

But if you had to pick between the two, I would rather have night sights than fiber optics.

When adding aftermarket night sights, you can usually choose between colors such as green, and red.

At the end of the day, adding night sights is usually always an upgrade from your stock sights.

If you are looking to add night sights, check out TruGlo.

Remember, iron sights will be the most durable and dependable. Yet fiber optics and night sights have their uses.

It comes down to where and when you carry your pistol.

Above all else, whichever style of sight you choose make sure you train with it often.

No matter how expensive or great your sight is it will be worthless if you don’t know how to shoot accurately.

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