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Mailbag Monday

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I’m a 5’1 female and I feel like I’m an easy target. I’m thinking about buying a taser. But, when it comes to Tasers, what you do about multiple attackers?

-From Gina M.

Answer: A Taser can only fire one cartridge at a time therefore, you would need to reload with another cartridge, which means removing the first cartridge, rendering it no longer effective.

In other words, hitting multiple attackers with multiple cartridges is not very realistic since the cartridge that is in use would be the only one delivering a shock.

However, Tasers also have a “drive stun” capability, where the Taser is held against the target without firing the projectiles and causes pain without incapacitating the target.

Basically, once you fire your Taser cartridge you would then be able to use the Taser like a stun gun and make direct contact with your attacker. However, as you pointed out, a taser is not great against multiple attackers, which is why I carry gun.

But, if you don’t want to carry a gun, you may wish to check out the R.A.T Fight Book that discusses taking out multiple attackers.


One question I have is about sharpening knives. I have ceramic sharpening sticks and when I sharpened a knife, I ended up dulling the point. I am not sure how to rectify that…

-From Blake B.

Answer: The key to knife sharpening is making sure you are doing it at the correct angle.

Regarding the knife with the dull point, the quickest and easiest thing would be to take it to a bladesmith who can properly sharpen it without doing any damage.

A local gun store or knife store should be able to point you in the right direction of someone who can fix it and who can show you up close and personal how to sharpen your knives.


I purchased a new pistol last month and I’m struggling with accuracy. When I first fired the gun, I noticed that the trigger pull wasn’t as smooth as my Glock. I’m thinking about taking the gun to a gunsmith to have them work on the trigger. Will this fix my problem?

-From Parker T.

Answer: I don’t ever do that because I break in my guns doing a lot of dry fire trigger pulls.

So, every morning, I do at least 25 trigger pulls. That’s over 700 trigger pulls a month and usually smooths out any issues I have.

I know a lot of people who like to add accessories or make adjustments to their pistols. Just be careful doing it. Make sure you go to a legitimate gunsmith to have work done.

If the gun was ever used in a self-defense shooting lawyers will look at every little thing you did to the gun so don’t mess with the trigger too much.


What is your opinion on video doorbells? I’ve heard stories of them getting hacked since they connect to the internet. Are they safe?

-From Brenda P.

Answer: These days, any electronic device that connects to the internet can be susceptible to hacking.

I have security cameras covering every inch of the outside of my home in case someone comes by to do something bad. They are all hard-wired around my home. They connect to a computer screen and recorder where the video is saved.

However, a video doorbell is better than having nothing at all. But, make sure you use a strong password and connect the device to an internet router that uses a VPN. This will help keep it secure from hackers.


I live on a boat in Florida. During a disaster my plan is to leave the harbor and head out to the ocean. Obviously, I wouldn’t do this if the disaster was a hurricane. But, other than that do you see any issues with my plan?

-From Brian N.

Answer: I would say bugging out by boat would be a great idea since the majority of looters or criminals probably wouldn’t have access to a boat.

However, if this is your plan, I would make sure you have plenty of supplies stored on the boat as well as a plan of where you will go. You need to dock somewhere eventually, so make sure you have a well-planned escape route. (Have plenty of backup options too.)


Last week I took my grandkids to a local park. There is a guy who hangs out there that seems to take an awkward interest in watching kids. He was trying to be sneaky about taking pictures of kids in the play area. What would you do in a situation such as this?

-From Greg H.

Answer: I would confront the guy and ask him what he’s doing. (Not everyone should do this, but I would).

Then you could call the cops and advise them that there is a suspicious person who is taking pictures of young children.

Another thing is, ask the police if it is possible to trespass the person from the park. It’s not your property but the city might be able to ban people for certain reasons.

You should hang onto any pictures you took of the guy and provide them to police in the hopes they can build a case against the guy if it comes to that.

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