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Mailbag Monday

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With all of the talk about gun control I’m getting concerned. But, I’m guessing the government will stop the production of ammo and make guns useless. Do you think this will happen?

-From Len I.

Answer: You bring up a great point. No matter how many guns you own, you won’t be able to protect your family if you don’t have ammo.

California has a law that requires anyone purchasing ammunition to undergo a background check with every purchase.

Those who don’t already have their information in the Department of Justice’s system for these point-of-sale screenings will have to pay up to $20 for an initial screening.

In addition, the law requires that all ammo purchases take place in person. Even online orders must be delivered to a licensed vendor for customer pick-up.

My point is, I wouldn’t be surprised if more states try to create laws similar to California. This is one of the many reasons I recommend stockpiling ammo.

If you really want to get serious about stockpiling, I would have 10,000 rounds for the major calibers you own.

For me, this is .223 and 9mm. You can also get into reloading your own ammo and buy a lot of the components.


I just purchased my first gun. It’s a S&W 442 38 special revolver. Now, I’m worried that the smaller .38 caliber won’t be enough to stop an attacker. Any suggestions?

-From Kathy R.

Answer: The .38 round is a great round for self-defense and I own this exact gun. But the smaller caliber isn’t the problem with a .38 revolver.

These guns are easy to conceal, but are difficult to shoot if you don’t practice often. So, just make sure you make time to get to the shooting range.


My daughter is headed off to college next month. She is my oldest and I’m nervous. What can I teach her to do if she gets attacked or assaulted?

-From Tammy K.

Answer: There are many tactics to do in such a traumatic situation. However, I would teach her to attack the eyes and gouge them with her thumbs as hard as possible.

The throat is also very sensitive and you should punch the attacker in the throat if you can.

If you go crazy on them and never give up, you will win and they will go and try to find an easier victim.

Also, if she is unable to carry a gun, I would recommend a tactical pen at the very least. It looks like a regular pen and works as a pen. Yet, it can easily be held in the hand while walking and used as a self-defense tool.


I was recently alerted by my cell phone provider that someone installed malware on my phone. I had a feeling I was being stalked and this confirmed it. How do I stop this?

-From Randi R.

Answer: First, you need to get rid of your phone and get a new one. Some people recommend just doing a reset of your phone, which will erase everything, but I personally wouldn’t do that. A new phone is the safest option.

You may want to consider getting an untraceable phone such as one you can buy at Wal-Mart. No matter where you get your next phone you need to make sure it’s password protected and that no one can ever access your phone.

You should also download a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to your phone, which will help keep you safe when using the internet on your phone. This should keep your internet browsing secure and hopefully prevent any future hacking.


When I was in college I was violently attacked while walking home one evening. I believed I was going to die and I didn’t fight back. Part of me thinks that I could have stopped my attacker if I had tried to fight back. How do I get it through my head that I can fight back. How do I tell myself not to just give up?

-From Jeri M.

Answer: It comes down to confidence, training and knowledge. If you know the correct self-defense moves and you practice them for a few minutes now and then, you’ll have the confidence to protect yourself and never give up.

Case in point: A young woman was pinned against a wall in New York City and a much larger man was going to rape her. She knew simple moves and punched the guy in the throat and was able to escape.

I would recommend Paul Vunak’s training DVD here if you don’t have it yet.


I have a few generators. One runs on propane and another on gas. How much fuel should I stockpile for each? I don’t plan on keeping my entire house lit up during a power failure, but just the necessities.

-From Dave A.

Answer: I recommend having 30 days worth of propane and gas to run your generators. Like you said, I wouldn’t plan on running your entire house for 30 days, but just your basic needs to reduce the amount of fuel you need to store.

I own both propane and gas generators too and I do store a lot more propane because you can pretty much store it indefinitely.

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