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What would happen if someone used an “untraceable ghost gun” to defend themselves? Using or even possessing an unregistered firearm is a felony? What good is having these guns if you can’t use them?

-From Jack D.

Answer: Under federal law it is 100% legal for a private citizen to manufacture a firearm as long as they are not legally barred from owning or possessing a firearm.

So, if you legally build a gun from an 80% lower receiver, you can certainly use it to defend yourself. The only thing you can’t do is sell the gun since it has no serial number.


In light of the shooting incident in Denver, Colorado, the “good Samaritan” was shot by police after he took down the perpetrator who fatally shot a policeman. Do you have any advice for us who carry concealed so this doesn’t happen to people trying to defend themselves or stop the endangerment of others due to active shooter?

-From Dennis R.

Answer: Even if someone else has called 911, you should immediately call as well. If you used your firearm you want to tell the dispatcher what occurred and give a description of yourself.

When you see police cars or hear the sirens holster your weapon. Responding officers are going to be looking for weapons. When they arrive, put your hands above your head and follow every instruction the police give you.

They will take your firearm and may put you in handcuffs while they sort things out. The incident in Colorado is tragic for everyone involved.


Lately I’ve been receiving phone calls from my own number. I didn’t realize you could do this. How do I stop scammers that are using my phone number to call?

-From John D.

Answer: Unfortunately, this is a common way that scammers will trick you into answering their phone calls.

There are multiple apps that can be used to spoof a phone number. Essentially, someone can call your phone and make any number they want appear on the caller ID.

In other words, the phone in your hand looked like it was calling itself, which obviously isn’t possible. However, it’s very tempting to answer the phone call since you want to know who it is.

Personally, I only answer phone calls from numbers I know. If it is someone that really needs to get a hold of me, they will leave a message and I will call them back.


I have many generators that take over in an emergency. I can run my entire home with the generators I have. The problem is when everything is up a running it can be heard far away. I’m worried people will come to my home because they can hear the generators. Any ideas to reduce noise?

-From Sal T.

Answer: When thinking about buying a generator the amount of noise it puts out should be one of your main concerns.

However, if you already have a generator set up and it’s too loud there are a few options.

First, make sure the generator has a quiet muffler installed on it. Next, consider building a sound dampening enclosure around the generator. Obviously, this can be expensive but it might be one of the most effective ways to reduce the noise.

Make sure your generator is sitting on a rubber type pad, which will reduce vibrations and noise.

Lastly, use common sense when using the generator. If looters are roaming your streets looking for someone with power, it’s probably not a good idea to fire up the generators at that moment.

Instead, that’s the time you use solar generators that don’t make any noise.


Thanks to all your information my family is prepared to bug out if needed. But, how do I close up my house before leaving? How do I protect my home from looters or bad weather?

-From Barry M.

Answer: If you are planning on leaving your house you need to take an inventory of everything you have inside. What I mean is, you should take your cell phone and video record the entire house.

Basically, walk through the house and identify every item including TV’s all the way down to plates and cups. The more video you have the better, since it could potentially be gone when you return.

In addition, you want to board up windows and doors to prevent anything from coming through. Make sure you install plywood that is at least 1/2-inch-thick and ensure it covers the entire opening because even a little gap can wreak havoc.

Lastly, unplug everything in the home including appliances and move them to the highest point in the house that you can reasonably do so.

Also, right before you leave shut off the power and water to the home. Ideally, you want to make your house as unappealing as possible to criminals.


What are your thoughts on Hornaday Critical Defense 115 grain, 9mm for self-defense? I just purchased my first pistol and this is the ammo I’ve bought to use with it.

-From Nancy L.

Answer: Hornaday Critical Defense is great ammo for self-defense. Hornady has completed years of testing to design the Critical Defense ammunition with a flex tip, inside a hollow cavity that helps in feeding as well as performance on target.

In other words, they have addressed many of the issues that come with hollow points, making the ammo more reliable. While this ammo isn’t cheap, it’s definitely worth carrying for self-defense. Other ammo I recommend that is good like this is the Speer Gold Dot.

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