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Mailbag Monday

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With many people depending on oxygen since Covid and the potential stress of survival situations, I would like to purchase supplies of oxygen. Do you know how I can buy oxygen tanks like the ones at hospitals?

-From Ira R.

Answer: Unfortunately, a physician’s prescription is mandatory to buy hospital grade oxygen. It’s federally illegal for anyone to buy medical grade oxygen without a prescription.

You will see some websites that claim they are selling oxygen but this isn’t pure, medical grade oxygen, so I wouldn’t waste your money on it. I’m not aware of any place that will sell oxygen without a prescription.


If you could only buy one, would you rather have an air pistol or air rifle?

-From Thomas L.

Answer: I would definitely go with an air rifle. This is because I can shoot from longer distances and take out small game with a good air rifle.


Do you recommended carrying concealed at your lower back vs appendix carry?

-From Duane T.

Answer: No, I would never recommend that anyone carry concealed in the small of their back. In addition to injury (if you fell on your back), it takes too long to draw the gun.

You need to be able to have a smooth draw, lightning fast. Appendix carrying is typically easier to conceal and move around. Plus, with appendix carry the gun should always be easy to reach.


I know you recommend Schlage door locks. But do you recommend Schlage touchscreen or WiFi locks? Or should these electronic locks be avoided?

-From Amanda F.

Answer: When it comes to door locks, Schlage is one of the most secure brands you can purchase.

Now, I don’t use any door locks with a touch screen or keypad access. I prefer a standard lock with a key and nothing fancy such as a keypad or Wi-Fi connection.

With that being said, if you do want a quality lock that does have a keypad the Schlage is a good choice. But, I would still avoid any locks that connect to WiFi. The security risk is too high and there’s too much that can break and go wrong.


I travel the world for work. The majority of my time is spent on airplanes going from one country to another. One of my biggest issues is that when using restrooms in airports I feel uneasy because I have to let me guard down. Any ideas when it comes to restroom safety?

-From Aaron L.

Answer: Using a public restroom is one place where we need to have heightened situational awareness. If you happen to be standing with your back to other people, I recommend using the spot that is against a wall on the end.

This way it will be easier to look out for any threats. I also peer over my shoulder quite a bit and make it obvious that I’m looking to see if anyone is coming up behind me.

I’m not shy about letting others know that I am using good situational awareness. Especially in a situation where you are already more vulnerable.


Do you know if using a shoulder holster without a cover garment would be considered open carry?

-From Kevin J.

Answer: The definition of open carry varies from state to state. Some states specify that open carry occurs when the weapon is “partially visible,” while other jurisdictions require the weapon to be “fully visible” to be considered carried openly.

In addition, some states require that an openly carried firearm remain unloaded. Personally, I would say it is open carry. But obviously, check your state laws.

I know people that like to shoulder carry because they spend a lot of time sitting. For instance, people that sit behind a desk all day.

But shoulder carry wouldn’t be my first choice, because it is harder to draw from and you have to be very careful not to muzzle other people when drawing the gun.

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