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How to quickly access your gun while in a car

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Nick M. lives in Fairbanks, Alaska. One evening, he was standing in line at a Holiday Gas Station when he noticed something suspicious.

A young man walked into the store with a knife in his hand.

Nick said, “I kind of backed up a little bit to see what he was going to do, but I kind of already had an inkling in my mind of what was going to happen.”

His suspicion turned out to be correct. The teen wielding the knife told everyone he was robbing the store.

According to Nick, “I put my stuff on the counter, snuck out the door, ran to my car, grabbed my pistol and came back up to the door.”

“He just turned to look at me. I racked my slide on my pistol and pointed it at him and he put his hands up.”

Nick told the teen to put down the knife and lay face down on the floor until police arrived.

The teen complied with Nick’s commands, and was quickly arrested for attempted robbery and assault.

Nick said he wasn’t planning on using his gun that day, but he was glad he had kept it in his car.

Now, while I don’t know exactly how Nick kept his firearm secured in his vehicle, a popular way to keep a pistol in your car is with a magnetic pistol mount.

Magnetic gun mounts work by securing the mount with screws to something that won’t move.

For example, you could secure the mount to a desk, nightstand, or as I just mentioned, inside a vehicle.

Wherever you mount it, make sure the muzzle is pointed in a safe direction.

Once you have secured the magnetic mount, you can place your gun on it, and it will hold it in place with a magnet.

Now, some folks have worried that magnets would damage their pistols.

However, the magnets used to hold the guns in place aren’t strong enough to cause damage.

The biggest drawback to magnetic mounts is that most of them don’t have any type of trigger protection – so the trigger is left easily accessible.

For this reason, a magnetic gun mount is definitely not recommended if you have kids in the house.

However, here are a few magnetic gun mounts to consider checking out.

Rymmes Gun Mount:

The Rymmes gun magnet is one of the strongest on the market.

It is designed for use in cars and has a 45-pound rating, and can hold pistols, rifles, and shotguns.

The mount uses a neodymium magnet and has a soft rubber-coated finish to reduce wear and tear to your gun.

The magnet installs with screws or 3M adhesive tape.

The magnetic mount is about 3.75 inches by 1.5 inches.

It comes with a lifetime warranty and sells for about $20.

TacX Pro Gun Magnet:

The TacX Pro is made of multiple neodymium magnets spread across the surface of the gun mount.

Because of the large size of the magnets, your gun shouldn’t slip or move at all.

The mount also has a rubber non-slip coating to protect your weapon from scratches.

The magnet is rated to hold 43 pounds.

The TacX Pro magnets are heat and weather-resistant and come with a lifetime warranty.

The TacX starts at $60 and goes up depending on the number of magnets you want.

CoJo Gun Magnet:

The CoJo Gun Magnet is made with rare earth magnets to produce a strong magnetic field.

The magnet has two mounting holes and is one of the best options for mounting in your vehicle.

The mount has a V-shape design that will also hold an extra magazine.

Whether it’s a pistol, revolver, or shotgun, the magnet can keep it in an upright position for easy access.

The magnet case is made out of soft polypropylene to prevent scratches and marks.

The CoJo mount is rated for 25-pound capacity and sells for $30 new.

Magnetic gun mounts can be a useful tactical addition to your car or desk.

They are relatively inexpensive and worth giving a try if you spend a lot of time in your car or behind a desk.

Obviously, they are less secure than a gun safe, so not a good idea if kids are running around your house.

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